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Scribble Dublin: Klickity at Designist

Scribble frames at scribble Dublin

Last Friday evening I went to ‘Scribble Dublin’, which was hosted by Designist a design store on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street. The ‘Scribble Dublin’ event showcased product design company Klickity’s scribble frame. The Klickity scribble frames are exactly what they say they are; frames to scribble on, or indeed as the mood takes you to decorate in whatever way your imagination decrees.

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Lost Weekend

Swan Chair

Every time I visit Lost Weekend, a design store on the main street of the south Dublin suburb of Blackrock, my curiosity is piqued by the enigmatic name. When I was heading to Lost Weekend on Saturday I had in mind that I must find out why it is so called. As it happens I clean forgot to ask the question. So with poetic licence I have decided that it might just be because it is the sort of space that one could all too happily be totally lost in for a whole weekend.
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♥ Snow, Fiona Snow

Do you know the feeling when you see certain items and you know within a nano-second that you like them, well not just like them but absolutely and truly like them?  I had that exact feeling when I first saw Snow’s Christmas collection.  Snow produces a diverse range of stylish design led pieces which retail at affordable price points.  Snow’s product list includes: cards, lights, lanterns, gift-boxes, decorations and stationery.

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♥ Hats: Sarah McGahon Millinery

Sarah McGahon a graduate of NCAD (that’s the National Collage of Art and Design in Ireland) set up her millinery business McGahon Millinery in 2009.  Her route from school days to her present day role as designer of hats /businesswoman was a circuitous and interesting one.

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♥ Island Shopping: Inis Meáin Knitwear

Some clothes, well in truth, few, very few, live on in my memory long after I have consigned them to a charity shop and when they come to mind I wonder what was I thinking in that misguided moment when I placed them in the to-go-pile.  One such item was my Inis Meáin Knitwear cardigan with a shawl collar which I bought in London when I lived there (that’s quite a while ago – the late eighties and early nineties), it was warm, cloud-soft and comforting to wear.

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♥ Irish Designers Create

Yesterday evening I went to see Irish Designers Create, a celebration of the work of seventeen of the brightest young creatives in the Irish design firmament, which is on at Dublin’s Brown Thomas department store.  The celebration started at yesterday’s Fashion Night Out and will run until the 18th September.  There I met….

Emma Manley:  
The charming and gifted Emma has creativity flowing in her veins and indelibly stamped in her DNA (her Mama is a talented designer/artist).  Still just in her mid twenties she has packed an enormous amount into her life thus far.  She is a fashion graduate who has experience of the industry in both New York and London (in London she worked at the house of Alexander McQueen).  In 2010 she set up her own label, Manley.  Emma uses a mix of luxury materials (leather, chiffon and wool) to fashion sophisticated, feminine garments which are given a tougher edge by unusual fabric combinations, they are sometimes dotted with studs and always sprinkled with the fairy dust of über coolness.  The starting price of a dress from the Manley label  is €220. Web address:

Anne Mette O’Connor
:  Question. What do you get when your blend super niceness with creative talent, an extraordinary eye for detail and a phenomenal work ethic.  The answer in Mette’s case is a thriving jewellery business called AMOC (from the initials of her full name).  The beautiful piece that Mette is wearing  (in the photograph above) is made from silver, charcoal diamonds and ribbon, given the amount of diamonds dangling from the wonder necklace I didn’t dare ask the price but in her shop Mette has beautiful hand crafted pieces from around €100 (I did a post on AMOC in May to read it click here). Web address:

Heidi Higgins:
On my way up to see the exhibition I spotted a dress I liked on a display mannequin, I assumed it was by one of the well know designer stocked by Brown Thomas so I stopped to ask the people working on the display about it, only to find myself talking to Heidi Higgins the designer of said dress.  She is one of the seventeen designers chosen to take part in the Irish Designers Create celebration.  Upstairs, Heidi a graduate of the National College of Art and Design, had a rail laden with simple chic timeless and stylish garments (mainly dresses) with an Audrey Hepburn-esque feel. The pure wool dresses some in bright jewel colours and some in neutrals were priced around the €300/350 mark.  Web address:

Laragh McMonagle:
  My friend H who has a keen eye for all things beautiful  told me, via a comment on the blog some months ago about the work of Blackrock based jewellery designer Laragh McMonagle.  I didn’t get a chance to go to the exhibition that H recommended so last night was the first time I saw some of the dream like items from Laragh’s treasure trove.  Laragh is mainly self-thought and as you can see from the picture above she uses pearls, silver and gemstones in a pretty unique way.  Mea culpa I forgot to check out prices.  Web address

I didn’t get a chance to look properly at all the other designers work so it is good news that the exhibition continues on the third floor of Brown Thomas until 18th September.

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♥ Fashion and Poetry

Aeons ago, when I was in my last school year, studying for my Leaving Certificate (final school exam in the Irish educational system), I first came across Emily Dickinson’s poems, as a couple of them were on the English syllabus.  Back then I would have struggled to explain the potent tug of her words and why they left a mark on my soul; in fact I doubt if I could explain it fully today.

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♥ Favourite Shops//Bow

If I were a tourist in a foreign city Bow is exactly the sort of shop I would like to stumble upon; Dublin is fortunate to have this unique addition to the city’s retail landscape.  Bow is co-owned by three talented people, Ellis Boyle (creator of ethereally pretty clothes), Margaret O’Rourke (jewellery designer and founder of her own label MoMuse) and Wendy Crawford (finder of vintage treasures).  The mix in the shop is thus clothes, jewellery and vintage items.

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♥ Thread

Thread is a new free fashion magazine for Dublin that will be published quarterly.  It’s the very clever idea of the owners of six independent Dublin boutiques (Bow, Costume, Dolls, Indigo & Cloth, Smock and uCCa) who banded together to showcase their stock (often original and sometimes quirky) and to shine a light on Dublin’s vibrant creative fashion scene.

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♥ Bits of my Week

This morning when I woke up, in those few fleeting moments betwixt dreamlike forgetfulness and full wakefulness, I realized with a jolt, that it was Sunday and yet another week had galloped by.

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