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action for happiness

One of the things I wrote about in the early days of JAA was the then just-launched Action for Happiness movement in the UK . I heard this morning, via Twitter, that Action for Happiness is three years old today.

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♥ Remembering to be Thankful


My day seems to have revolved around drinking copious amount of lemon juice in hot water sweetened with honey and taking intermittent doses of Strepsils (proprietary medicine).   The reason: my throat is doing a very passable imitation of the roughest grade of sandpaper.  

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♥ Are you…

Last Sunday evening while completing my census return, a mundane but obligatory task, my mind wandered back to an article I had read in Saturday’s FT, called ‘Happy Now’?  According to the article the Office for National Statistics in the UK will produce a national well-being index.  There were no questions about life satisfaction on the Irish Census form.

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