The Streets of Dublin: Ely Place

dublin's ely place

When I drive into the centre of Dublin, Ely Place is one of my preferred parking spots so over time I have got to know it well. It’s nicely tucked away, yet central as it’s a mere stone’s throw from Dublin’s St Stephens Green and from one of the city’s main shopping arteries: Grafton Street. It’s lined either side with charming Georgian buildings and as city streets go it’s not long but there is a surprising amount one can do there.

rha ely place

At the far end of Ely Place, The Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) Gallery stands proud with its minimalistic modernity a counterpoint to the centuries-old architecture of the rest of the street. The gallery’s spaces showcase modern and contemporary art in Ireland. The pièce de résistance in the RHA’s calendar is the open submission Summer Exhibition now in its one hundred and eighty-fourth year: this year the exhibition runs until the 9th August and is definitely worth viewing. One of the joys of the gallery aside from the wonderful quality of light is that entry is free so you can wander in and out for a few minutes whenever you pass by. The gallery holds classes, workshops and lectures full details of which are on their website.

inreda at the rha

inroad at the rha.

The gallery’s retail space is now occupied by Inreda (formerly of Camden Street), a design shop that stocks chic products for the home. The shop is small but it punches way above its weight and is a good place to find unusual gifts or a well designed item with a Scandinavian vibe for your house.

coppa at the rha

Coppa is the RHA gallery’s café and it is one of my go to spots for a decent cup of coffee in Dublin’s city centre. And the cakes are good too! Coppa also serves a selection of sandwiches and other lunch dishes. It’s a buzzy spot with friendly and helpful staff: it’s particular busy at lunchtime so go early or late if you want to avoid the crush.

ely wine bar

Should you want something more substantial food-wise then Dublin’s long-established Ely wine bar is at the other end of the street. It’s was age since I ate there so in the interest of research I had lunch there on a recent Saturday and I enjoyed it. I tucked into a main course of homemade beef burger and hand cut chips, tempted to do so as the beef is from an organic County Clare farm, and had a yummy berry crumble with vanilla ice cream for desert. Pleasingly The Ely has a good selection of interesting artisan wines and a goodly amount of them are available by the glass

dublin's ely place

What’s not to like about one of Dublin’s shorter street where you can: admire the architecture of yesteryear, drink in culture, find a good cup of coffee, buy Scandinavian goodies, and eat well while sipping a decent glass of wine.


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26 responses to “The Streets of Dublin: Ely Place

  1. H

    Lovely article on Ely Place and a timely reminder to me to get to the RHA Annual Exhibition – a complete must in my annual calendar. Hx

  2. Oh how beautiful and what a nice day you had. The beef burger and chips has me drooling. I would like one right now. I have to visit Dublin soon.

  3. What a lovely little street – especially when you’ve got an odd hour to spare. I love design shops and will happily mooch awhile… 🙂

    • I love streets like this, stitched in as they are to the fabric of a city they have their own identities and are great places to discover and as you say ‘happily mooch awhile …’ 😉

  4. The gallery sounds like a place I would love to spend an afternoon! Their classes looked very interesting. Now if only I was closer and could drop by 🙂

    • Shame you are not closer. I have yet to attend one but I agree the classes look very interesting, I am going to try to get to the photography talk. Note to self – *put it in my diary* 😉


    Agree with my fellow commenters: could spend a day there as well!
    (In fact, just read a feat about Dublin in the sister MAG)

  6. Right! What’s not to like? Wish I could have been there with you! 🙂 Spending an afternoon in a museum and enjoy a gorgeous cup of coffee like the one in the picture afterwards – hopefully buying some lovely memento before heading to the exit – is totally … my cup of tea! 😉

  7. Wish I could spend that afternoon with you. Coppa is Italian inspired and I have heard their menu described as rustic Italian, altho I am not sure how authentically Italian it is. 😉

  8. What a wonderful tour of the sights here! It’s so nice to see Dublin from your point of view – it looks lovely… 🙂

  9. Your pictures are great! You always make me want to go where you have been.

  10. Thanks for the tour, and thanks to yearstruck for introducing us.

  11. Your pictures are very cute!

  12. A perfect place. Hope the food research wasn’t too arduous. 😉

  13. Delighted you enjoyed ely wine bar, our organic family farm lunch and our wine! Ely Place really is such a beautiful part of Georgian Dublin. Thank you for visiting and mentioning us and please, don’t leave it so long next time! 😉

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