Lost Weekend

Swan Chair

Every time I visit Lost Weekend, a design store on the main street of the south Dublin suburb of Blackrock, my curiosity is piqued by the enigmatic name. When I was heading to Lost Weekend on Saturday I had in mind that I must find out why it is so called. As it happens I clean forgot to ask the question. So with poetic licence I have decided that it might just be because it is the sort of space that one could all too happily be totally lost in for a whole weekend.

Rug and cushion

Cushions at LW

Lost Weekend is co-owned by husband and wife team Declan Moloney and Emily Maher; Emily is a graduate of NCAD (National College of Art and Design) and Declan’s background is in academia. They describe the store on their website thus ‘The Lost Weekend Design Store is an interior design practice, design emporium, gift, fashion, accessory store and café.’ Before they opened the shop, Dublin lacked the type of design store that most European capitals take for granted (stores such as Aram in London and Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen spring to mind). Lost Weekend has well and truly plugged that gap.

Charles and Ray Eames lounger


It is a large, enticing and inviting space set over three floors.  The walls are painted white, the floors are planked with Douglas fir by Dinesen and large plate glass windows allow for splendid views across Dublin bay.  So far so very good, but what absolutely sets Lost Weekend apart is the stock.  It is a haven for lovers of the very best of contemporary furniture design.  In stock are classics that have stood the test of time, among them are: Hans Wenger wishbone chairs; the Charles and Ray Eames lounge chair and ottoman; and the Eileen Grey e1027 adjustable table. They look as fresh and relevant now as they were when they were first designed decades ago.  The lighting department has a carefully curated selection of lights by some of the luminaries (no pun intended) of the lighting design world such as Poul Henningsen and Inho Maurer.  There’s more much more: art, rugs, cushions, wallpaper, fabric, glass, books, crockery, gift items, wrapping paper, …

Lighting at LW

Declan says that Emily and himself started out as an interior design practice and fell into retailing by accident. He says they are not brand collectors but rather they are obsessed with originality and proper design as well as being very passionate about what they have in the shop. They are  also anxious to encourage young designers; they have plans to put a rather stunning console table I saw, when I was in the shop, by a young Irish designer called Knut Klimmek into production.

Gifts at LW

LW window

Despite some high-end stock the store is not at all elitist. Gift items start at eight euro and browsers are very much encouraged.  Lost Weekend is an inspirational space that is so worth visiting.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Lost Weekend is now closed.


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12 responses to “Lost Weekend

  1. That must have been a fabulous lost weekend, and i could give you a list fro your next visit! very styly! c

  2. I have a long list myself C but I just know my bank manager wouldn’t approve! It’s a very tempting store.

  3. I love those bright cushions. I recognize the Iitala glass wear in the photo and the Moomi cups. I will be in Helsinki tomorrow and I am bound to add to my collection.

  4. I could easily lose a whole week in this place, from the sound of it. YUMMY! Their aesthetic impresses me–so much beautiful contemporary design in one marvelous, inviting place. Pure gold!

    • It is a truly inviting space. There are so many beautiful items in stock it is also a peaceful place which brought to mind how much being surrounded by beautifully designed items can nourish the soul.

  5. The store looks right up my alley. When I’m next in Dublin, I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment – I hope you get to to Dublin soon.

  7. I agree with your interpretation of their name.. I thought, hmmm, this is a place to go when you want to get lost from everyone and no one will know where you’ve gone… but then again, this would be the first place they’d go hunting if they know me at all;) xo Smidge

  8. Hi Smidge, sometimes I like to get lost in a store (only a very good one obviously) it has an almost meditative quality as it is very difficult to think of one’s everyday cares when admiring a well designed beautiful item. xo

  9. What great pictures you have given us. It looks like one of those stores you could browse around in for hours. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Yes it is very much a store to get *lost* in. I am still thinking about some of the lovely things I would like to buy there.

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