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Snowed.ie, Fiona Snow

Do you know the feeling when you see certain items and you know within a nano-second that you like them, well not just like them but absolutely and truly like them?  I had that exact feeling when I first saw Snow’s Christmas collection.  Snow produces a diverse range of stylish design led pieces which retail at affordable price points.  Snow’s product list includes: cards, lights, lanterns, gift-boxes, decorations and stationery.

Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Snow is the brainchild of Fiona Snow who as a small child loved creating and making things so it seems entirely appropriate that when she left school she took her degree in model making.  Her studies complete she headed to Chicago where she worked as an architectural model maker for several years.  Fiona returned to Ireland in 2009; she set up Snow earlier this year (with her husband Mike Mohler) and currently combines running the business with lecturing part-time at the IADT (Institute of Art, Design and Technology).

Snow, Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Snow, Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Fiona describes the process of creating and fabricating the Snow range as  ‘using very traditional hand and construction techniques with the advantage of cutting edge technology’.   Fiona has recently invested in a state of the art laser-cutting machine. There’s a heavy bias towards Christmas in the current range, however there are lots of exciting things to come in the 2012 collection and in the New Year Snow will introduce a bespoke service.  Fiona also offers a customization service, not just on the items she sells, she is happy to personalize anything you ask her to (she will only say no if there are technical reasons for not attempting it).

Snow, snowed.ie, Fiona Snow

Snow, Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Fiona very kindly took time out to chat to me about Snow in the midst of a madly busy period for her.  She is very passionate about what she does, she patently has the requisite creative talent and organizational skills to run and grow Snow.  It may never be possible to measure its impact on the company but there is one thing that Fiona said that stuck fast in my mind, she said that she ‘loves people having lovely things’.  I cannot think of a better sentiment on which to build a creative business.

 Snow, Fiona Snow, snowed.ie

Note: Snow’s web address is http://www.snowed.ie  Snow (along with other designers, artists and craft workers)  will be at the Design Corner  (pop-up shop) on Georges St, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin (opposite the People’s Park) from the 1st to the 24th December.   The design corner will launch at 6pm on the 1st December and the opening hours thereafter up to the 24th December will be; Monday-Saturday: 10.00am-6.00pm and Sunday: 11.00am-6.00pm. There is a ten per cent discount on everything on both the launch night and the 15th December.

Photo credit: all images by Fiona Snow


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6 responses to “♥ Snow

  1. I loved this whole post–Ms Snow’s gorgeous work is really engaging, no, compelling, and I appreciate her approach to it–and I’m so pleased you introduced it here! I will certainly look her up.

    And your mention of Dun Laoghaire, one of the few towns I’ve visited in Ireland, made me incredibly nostalgic, especially as it was early December (exactly *thirty years* ago!!!) when I got to be there, on an unforgettable trip.

  2. Wow no way! That’s amazing Kathryn you visited Dun Laoghaire. I drove through it today and stopped to look at the sea. It was a beautiful day here and the sea was super calm. I really like Fiona Snow’s work and I am glad you did too.

  3. How absolutely gorgeous, exquisite really.. and so far away.. i shall go and find her website though.. thank you.. c

  4. They are absolutely lovely – exquisite is an appropriate adjective.

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