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Who Writes This Blog?


Yes, that’s me!

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It’s Been A While …


It's been a long time since I last posted on JAA.
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Blogging: Writing Posts

desk and macbook

The years can gallop by at an alarming rate with some traversing the calendar faster than a cheetah charging across the savanna. Incredibly (well to me at least) JAA is now two; well strictly speaking two and a bit as I published my first post on the first of March 2011.

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Photography: Picmonkey


On the 1st of January fired with enthusiasm for the newly arrived year and chirping to myself ‘yes I can’, like a mad mynah bird influenced by the Obama 2008 campaign, I blithely listed on the blog a number of things I planned to do in 2012. It was a short list with nothing too taxing on it and as the year stretched ahead there would be plenty of time to tick off each item.

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Blog Birthday

Birthday Cake

Today, the 1st  of March, is Just Add Attitude’s first birthday. I cannot quite believe that a whole year has whizzed by since I started blogging. My memory of writing the first post is a little hazy. However I do remember, vividly, the post I struggled to put together on Easter Saturday last year. The fates conspired against me and everything went wrong (problems with the images, accidental deletions …) so what should have been relatively simple took well over seven hours. Hair-tearing-out stuff. I was very nearly an ex-blogger.

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Blogging Syndrome

Pink flowers

I know I haven’t posted anything on the blog for some days. It’s not that I have lost the will to blog. Rather I think I might be suffering from nothing-to-post-about syndrome. Now this syndrome exist only in my imagination but I am sure if some august body were to write it up they would say that bloggers suffering from the syndrome have either nothing interesting to write about or briefly believe they have only to realize seconds before they hit the publish button that it would be of no conceivable interest to anyone else on the planet.

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♥ Before Blogging

I have blogged now for just over six months and those months have speed by at a spooky rate of knots.  I know I don’t say this often, but I will today, thank you for reading Just Add Attitude, I very much appreciated that you do.

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