♥ Lost in Paris

Paris Map

I am not at the moment lost in Paris, nor was I lost when I was staying there.  What I did lose in Paris was my Cannon SLR camera, which has been my constant travelling companion since I started blogging earlier this year.

Maddeningly I left it behind on a bus when I hopped off.  Within a minute I realized, with a sinking heart, what I had done so I dashed back to the bus stop and caught the next bus going in the same direction.  I explained my predicament in very faltering French to the kind and patient bus driver who made some phone calls and I was told the bus ahead of us would be checked for lost property when it reached  the terminus.  I stayed on the bus as it travelled on into parts of Paris I have never seen before, waiting for the call to come from the driver of the other bus and hoping against hope that I would be reunited with my camera.  Sadly there was no fairy tale ending.

Although I was upset at the time I am now more philosophical about the loss.  I am contemplating what I will replace the camera with the maybe the same again or perhaps something smaller that could be tucked safely into my handbag.  The night before I lost the camera when I was putting together the last blog post I wrote ‘Bonjour de Paris’ I downloaded to my MacBook all the images that were on the camera’s memory card so thankfully I haven’t lost all the pictures I took in Paris.

On my way home as I headed to catch the bus to the airport I passed the Arc de Triomphe where the Unknown Soldier is buried.  I saw many French flags fluttering in the breeze, military bands rehearsing and workmen beavering away preparing the site in advance of today’s Armistice Day memorial.  Watching the scene put the loss of my camera in perspective.  I remember today the very many, including thousands of my fellow countryman, who died in two world wars.


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8 responses to “♥ Lost in Paris

  1. It’s a good thing it wasn’t your sense of proportion that got lost. Pity about the camera, though! Expensive and frustrating, that. However, it seems you got the most out of your journey in spite of it, and I can’t imagine that with your intrepid spirit and your fondness for Paris you’d trade the experiences and memories of this time there for having the camera back . . .

    What a fascinating time to be there, too, when everyone is in preparation for Armistice Day remembrances.

  2. Thanks for your comment Kathryn. Yes it is a pity about the camera and you are right about the memories and experiences of the trip… It was very interesting to see all the preparations for Armistice Day. I couldn’t help thinking as I was writing this post of the war graveyards in Northern France. Decades have passed since I last saw them but the serried rows of white crosses left a lasting imprint on my mind.

  3. chasing your camera took you to news places though.. my personal nightmare is losing my camera..c

  4. Thanks for your comment C. The loss of my camera was entirely my own fault. As you say I did see parts of Paris I had never been to before oh and I also got the opportunity to practice my French.

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  6. I dropped my old camera in Paris last year and broke it. I bought a Canon G11 and I love it, or should i say loved it, as it jammed in Naples and I had to buy the G12 which I now love.

  7. Oh what a shame to have to replace two cameras. I am hoping the one I have just bought will last if not for life at least for a few years.

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