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Lately …

christine redmond photograph

Apologies for the quality of some of the images in this post. I wish I could blame my ‘second-best camera’ but the faults are all mine!

Last week, a couple of months into my photography course, I had a week off college. It’s such an aeon, almost the first ice age, since my school and student days that truly I cannot remember if half-term featured back in the day when I was last glued (not) to text books.

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Irish Craft Portfolio Exhibition


Jewellery by Rachel McKnight

Note: Apologies for the poor quality of some of the images, I am not sure what I did wrong!

I love craft in its very many incarnations: so, it was as sure as the tide going in and out that I would go to see an exhibition at the RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy), put together by the Craft Council of Ireland, to showcase the work of Ireland’s top makers.

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Showcase Ireland 2013

showcase ireland 2013

On Tuesday I went to Showcase Ireland the annual trade fair organized by the Craft Council of Ireland which exhibits the best and most innovative of Irish craft, design and manufacturing to both Irish and international buyers. Regretfully I had limited time so I speed around trying to take it all in but as there were hundreds of exhibitors I only absorbed a tiny fraction of what was on view. One thing however that stood out for me, as much as a skyscraper would on a road otherwise filled with bungalows, was the extraordinary passion and enthusiasm of all the exhibitors I spoke to for what they do.

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Showcase: Ireland’s Creative Expo

Showcase 2012

On Wednesday, I visited Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Expo, which is a trade fair, featuring the best of Irish craft, gifts, fashion and interiors, organized by the Crafts Council of Ireland. The craft sector in Ireland is worth close to half a billion euro to the economy and employs just under six thousand people. The Crafts Council of Ireland is keen to develop new markets for Irish craft and Showcase is one way of doing so. Last year, at Showcase, visiting buyers from forty countries bought over €20 million worth of goods. It’s a large show and sadly I had just one short hour to hoof my way around all the stands. It was impossible in that short space of time to see everything. Below are some of the items that caught my eye as I whizzed around at a rate of knots.

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