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Happy Easter

easter decorations

Gosh, how the months slip by so speedily. I find it difficult to credit, even thought it’s early this year, that Easter is upon us already. BTW I only recently discovered how the date for Easter is determined: apparently Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the spring equinox.

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Happy Easter

Easter bunnies

Hello! The Easter Sunday weather in these parts is good for the time of the year; it’s dry and although the sky is filled with a mass of clouds there are patches of bright blue through which the sun may shine later. It’s still a tad chilly though and venturing outdoors without a coat or jacket is only for the brave or the foolhardy. We are betwixt and between at the moment as there is still a bit of spring to run before we tumble into summer. I love this time of year, the past-their-best daffodils may have there heads bowed but pretty as a picture magnolia and cherry blossom trees in bloom abound.

The shop shelves have been piled high with all manner of Easter eggs these past few weeks. I haven’t bought one for myself, mainly because I left it to the last-minute and I couldn’t find a dark chocolate egg (seventy per cent plus cocoa content being my chocolate of choice). I have some Easter decorations dotted about the place: an easter tree hung with cute yellow wooden chicks and some what incongruously white wooden apples; some slate rabbits; and my favourite a set of two beribboned Easter bunnies.

I may not have an Easter egg but I do have a box of chocolates so I am off to indulge…

Happy Easter.


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♥ Happy Easter

The weather has been glorious in these parts over the last few days, mainly warm hazy sunshine.  Today started off with a wintry chill but thankfully the sun came out to cast a glow over everything this afternoon.  The curtain call on the recent sun-bathed days has been a series of beautiful sunsets like the one below. I took the photo as the sun went down over the Wicklow Mountains on Easter Thursday evening.

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