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Travelling Bag

what's in my bag

It is an immutable law of blogging that whomsoever is in possession of a blog will sooner or later publish a what-is-in-my-handbag post. I have managed to blog for just over two years without doing so, until today.

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♥ Blog Accessories

You know how it is, when you get a new outfit and your mind whirrs wondering what accessories to wear with it.  I hadn’t expected the blog to be the same but no sooner was it was it newly minted when I started thinking now it could best be decorated.  

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♥ Summer Tote

A couple of weeks ago when the weather started to get a little warmer I swooped over bags, as the one I was carrying around had a distinct wintry feel. I bought the camel tote, you see in the image above, earlier this year in the January sales at a respectable fifty percent discount.

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