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Waterfall Farm Shop

shop at waterfall farm

I think that shopping for food as close as possible to where it is bred or grown and/or in a retail outlet where the owners can give you chapter and verse on the provenance of all the items they stock is an eminently sensible idea. The Waterfall Farm shop is a place that melds the close to source ideal, as it sells lamb from Waterfall Farm direct to the public, with the wished for good product knowledge as the owners are totally au fait with the origin and other details of the hand-picked range of mainly artisan foods that they sell.

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Christmas Shopping in Greystones

flowers by lynda greystones

Flowers by Lynda

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the land stressed out shoppers are scurrying around. At Christmas time there is little or no escape on high streets or other shopping areas from the madding crowds. It’s just the lucky few insanely organized folk who sorted all things to do with Christmas weeks ago who can now sit happily at home. Freighted as the festive season is with lorry loads of expectations those of us who have left things to the last-minute have no choice but to join frenzied fray. However one way to escape the worst of the madcap cacophonous crowds is to shop out-of-town.

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Kennedy’s of Enniskerry

enniskerry - kennedy's

Kennedy’s of Enniskerry is, as you might expect, in Enniskerry. Enniskerry is an enchanting village at the foot of a valley in Wicklow, a county immediately south of Dublin, that was original built as the estate village for the nearby Palladian Powerscourt House: Kennedy’s is a charming café on Church Hill right in the heart of the village.

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Greenan Farm

Greenan Farm

I recently picked up a leaflet about Greenan Farm and its museums and mazes in a coffee shop. As I was idly flicking through it I had a light-bulb moment and suddenly thought it is exactly the sort of place that I would like to visit. And so it was that I found myself travelling the highways and byways to get there yesterday. Well actually I am exaggerating a tad because Greenan farm, in the beautiful Glenmalure valley, is actually very accessible being a mere hour’s drive from Dublin.

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