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Coffee Chez Max

dublin's chez max

I am back slightly later than I said I would be. Mea culpa!

The Tuesday before last, the 14th July, was the French National Day: La Jour de Bastille. Its celebration is many degrees different from St Patrick’s Day. Whereas our national day is: party central, a riot of all things green, and, for some, an excuse for a monumental piss-up; Bastille Day is, in contrast, celebrated in a more sombre way, the highlight being a carefully curated set piece military parade down the Champ Elysees.

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Christmas Eve

Christmas 3014

So another year has spun around and it’s Christmas time again. This morning I headed into the city centre. Traffic was light so I was all parked up just before eight o’clock and I started the day ensconced in a cosy café (Hatch & Sons), breakfasting on a scrumptious date scone and coffee.

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Helicopter Trip

helicopter 1

I am neither a risk-taker nor an adrenaline junkie. So there are certain things I am as likely to do as a family of penguins is to arrive on a beach in Florida for a spot of sunbathing . Items on my unlikely to-do list include: leaving a plane at a surreal height and relying on a parachute to get me safely to the ground, bungee jumping off a vertiginous building, and white water rafting.

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St Patrick’s Day

makers and brothers

There are very, very few photographs on JAA that I didn’t take myself, however the image above of Brigid the Sheep reading a copy of the charmingly illustrated children’s book ‘This is Ireland’ by Miroslav Sasek is from Makers & Brothers (I have written about them here and here). I ‘borrowed’ the image, and I hope the brothers don’t mind, because I was totally smitten by it: heaven alone knows what that says about my inner psyche.

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Happy Christmas: Happy Holiday

christmas decorations

I find it hard to compute that tomorrow is Christmas day and that we will soon watch the lights fade on 2013 and a nascent 2014 flicker into life. How did this year whizz by so quickly …

I am just popping in to wish you a happy, peaceful and restful Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I wish you a happy holiday. And I hope that you have a good 2014.

Although the blog deals with the lighter side of life I am aware that Christmas can be a difficult time and if that resonates with you I would like to send you a virtual hug.

Thank you so very much for reading Just Add Attitude and I truly hope that you will continue to do so.

I am going away for a short break just after Christmas until the New Year so I’ll talk to you again in 2014.

This comes with tons of good wishes. Take care.

From B at Just Add Attitude.


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Happy Easter

easter decorations

Gosh, how the months slip by so speedily. I find it difficult to credit, even thought it’s early this year, that Easter is upon us already. BTW I only recently discovered how the date for Easter is determined: apparently Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the spring equinox.

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Baking: Porter Cake for St Patrick’s Day

guinness cake for st patrick's day

I am Irish so therefore I like Guinness. Right? No, wrong. I don’t like it at all. I believe it’s an acquired taste but no sip of it that I have ever had has encouraged me to try to acclimatize my taste buds to what’s known locally as the black stuff.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday

Christmas Collage

Dear Reader,

In a few hours from now (in this time zone) today will silently and seamlessly tumble into tomorrow and that new day will be Christmas day 2012.

On this the eve of Christmas I would like to say thank you so very much for reading Just Add Attitude. And I would like to wish you a happy peaceful and joyful Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas – have a happy holiday.

Love from B at Just Add Attitude


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Happy Easter

Easter bunnies

Hello! The Easter Sunday weather in these parts is good for the time of the year; it’s dry and although the sky is filled with a mass of clouds there are patches of bright blue through which the sun may shine later. It’s still a tad chilly though and venturing outdoors without a coat or jacket is only for the brave or the foolhardy. We are betwixt and between at the moment as there is still a bit of spring to run before we tumble into summer. I love this time of year, the past-their-best daffodils may have there heads bowed but pretty as a picture magnolia and cherry blossom trees in bloom abound.

The shop shelves have been piled high with all manner of Easter eggs these past few weeks. I haven’t bought one for myself, mainly because I left it to the last-minute and I couldn’t find a dark chocolate egg (seventy per cent plus cocoa content being my chocolate of choice). I have some Easter decorations dotted about the place: an easter tree hung with cute yellow wooden chicks and some what incongruously white wooden apples; some slate rabbits; and my favourite a set of two beribboned Easter bunnies.

I may not have an Easter egg but I do have a box of chocolates so I am off to indulge…

Happy Easter.


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♥ Happy Christmas

Formality display

Dear reader,

I find it so hard to believe that it’s the night before Christmas Eve and that a whole year has almost passed since I last celebrated Christmas. Time does have a way of skating its merry way swiftly away across a twelve-month.

This yuletide I would like to thank you for reading Just Add Attitude; but most of all I would like to wish you a joyful, peaceful and happy Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a restful, enjoyable and happy holiday weekend.

I will be back *on air* early next week.  Talk to you then.

Love from B at Just Add Attitude.


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