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Cloona: Health Retreat Centre

Cloona, Cloona health retreat, Daragh Kelly

I arrived home yesterday from a six-day sojourn in Cloona, a health retreat centre in the West of Ireland.  Now that I am safely home, I realize that my decision to go to Clonna was one of the best, if not the best, that I made in the past twelve months.

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Hello from Westport

I have just arrived, following a four-hour drive, in Westport a smallish town in County Mayo in the west of Ireland. Westport is a laid out town as opposed to, a hey let’s just stick another building here and there topsy-turvy type town. Architect James Wyatt designed it in the eighteenth century. His client was the then Lord Sligo, from nearby Westport House, who wanted a place for his tenants and workers to live.

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♥ The Waters and The Wild

As I was driving around Connemara, when I was there on a short break last month, I often stopped the car to get out and  gaze in wonder at the surrounding scenery.  As I looked at many magnificent combinations of mountains, lakes and the sea the refrain from William Butler Yeats’s poem The Stolen Child kept coming to mind.  It is still, many weeks later, circling unbidden around my brain.  The refrain is:

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♥ Postcard from Connemara

A rugged and hauntingly beautiful place, at the westerly edge of Europe, shrouded in clichés and sometimes in mist, the wild, windswept and wonderful landscape that is Connemara.


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