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♥ Favourite Things//Four

Dries van Noten cardigan

Pink Cardigan:
  Although I do have a few pink items in my wardrobe I am not a natural-born worshiper of all things pink.  It wasn’t therefore the colour that drew me to this Dries Van Noten cardigan but rather the embroidery and I also liked that it is possible to button it in various ways (there are buttons on the inside as well as the outside) for an ever so slightly different look.  I have had it for a long time (I am guessing since 2003 as I know I had it before I moved in 2004) and have worn it lots so on cost per basis it was a very good buy.

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♥ My Favourite Things//One

Bracelet:  I am ultra fond of my black wrap around leather bracelet.  It’s my teensy-tiny bit of Hermes.  If I had unlimited funds I would buy a Kelly or a Birkin bag.  I don’t, so my bracelet is as good as it gets on the Hermes front; it has the same buckle as a Kelly bag.  I am not especially not at all elegant but the bracelet is, so it makes me feel more ‘dressed’ when I put it on.   I wear it most days, which makes it good value on a cost per wear basis.

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♥ Favourite things

I heard of the ‘list of favourite things’ concept a few years ago.  It works like this.  Without thinking too hard, write down twenty-five (fifty if you like) things you really love to do.  Surprisingly, when you read the list back, you will find that most of the things you really like to do are either free or cost very little money.

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