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Christmas on The Square: Pop-Up Shop

christmas on the square

As Christmas fast approaches my native land is not exactly a place high on hope as the dastardly pantomime villain Economic Woe and his evil side-kick Recession hold fast their icy grasp on this fiscally challenged isle. A troika of wise (?) men visit us regularly but instead of bearing gifts of gold (if only) frankincense and myrrh they bring instead directives for the implementation of austerity measures from their (and our!) masters at the IMF. Yet, despite all that, when I went, this Saturday, to visit the pop up shop that was part of Christmas on the Square I came away filled with hope.

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♥ Snow

Snowed.ie, Fiona Snow

Do you know the feeling when you see certain items and you know within a nano-second that you like them, well not just like them but absolutely and truly like them?  I had that exact feeling when I first saw Snow’s Christmas collection.  Snow produces a diverse range of stylish design led pieces which retail at affordable price points.  Snow’s product list includes: cards, lights, lanterns, gift-boxes, decorations and stationery.

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