Who Writes This Blog?


Yes, that’s me!

The date stamp tells me the photo was taken, obviously with my iPhone, on the 14th September 2012. I seem to remember I was trying to take a pic that I could use in the blog’s sidebar but never put it up. It’s a handy image to illustrate this post, given that I write JAA anonymously, as what with the sunglasses, the iPhone parked in front of my face, and the streaming sunlight I am unrecognisable.  Plus, the blurry nature of the photo makes me look a zillion and a half decades younger than my real age.

There is an about section on JAA which contains ten random facts about me and as the blog is now five years old I decided to update it with a further ten. Here they are:

  • I am indecisive. Epically so.
  • I don’t wear perfume. Because at some point in the last five years, I can’t remember exactly when, I realised that each time I sprayed myself with a frenzy of scent I also sprayed myself with an unknown and possibly harmful mishmash of chemicals.
  • A habit I wish I could give up: picking my cuticles.
  • I like my hair messy . If it’s super sleek, and it rarely is, I don’t feel like me.
  • I have  a mantra bracelet with ‘Be You. Be True. Be Kind.’ engraved on it. I think it’s a good motto to live by. But I need to try harder.
  • This year I am on the trail of wardrobe nirvana. I am decluttering: the aim is to only have clothes in my wardrobe that: fit me, suit me, and make me feel good.
  • I no longer own a TV and I live very happily without one. However I do have a Netflix subscription so binge watching is often the order of the day.
  • My last supper choice: a soya latte with a scone served with lashings of butter, cream, and jam.
  • I enjoy cooking yet there are only five main course dishes I could make without referring to a recipe: fish pie, traybake chicken, a lamb casserole, any sort of pasta bake, and coq au vin.
  • I like my own company which is fortuitous as I live alone.

I hope the above facts along with the previous ten that I put up a few years ago give you a flavour, should you be interested, of the person behind the blog. Thank you SO much for reading JAA: I appreciate a lot that you do.



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28 responses to “Who Writes This Blog?

  1. H

    Oh B you look gorgeous as ever despite the effort to camouflage! And you could have taken that photo today some 4 years later. Keep up the blog.

  2. Thank you so, so much H for the compliment. I am going to keep up the blog and I even going to try to update it more often. Anyway that’s the plan but I’ll have to see how it goes. Bxx

  3. I just LOVE this post B! It gives us a little sneak peek of the wonderful lady behind your blog 🙂 I’m impressed that you can cook coq au vin without a recipe and I can 100% relate to you when it comes to Netflix binges. Very cute picture also! Happy Monday to you and hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Aw Heather thank you so much. I wasn’t sure about posting my pic (even an unrecognisable one) so I put off pushing the publish button for an age. Happy Monday to you too and I hope you too have a wonderful week. Your lovely comment is an excellent start to mine. Bx

  4. We don’t comment very often but this post came via email and so we thought we would pop over and say hello. Because that cup of tea we had in Dublin was Divine.



  5. Ahhh a little glimpse into your life and at you. Really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better,

  6. You look lovely, and the glimpse of a room behind you equally so. I’d caption it ‘the modern lady’.


    So sweet 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the recent top 10 facts with us.

    P.S. Tip for stopping picking cuticles: have a cuticle oil. So you still can fiddle with your fingers but to a better effect 😉

  8. I really like all the interesting shops that you visit and your trips to Paris too!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us, B.! It is very difficult to keep our private world apart from our blogging world and – yet – I think it is a necessity. I think a common mistake is to believe that sharing every single detail of our life is the only way people will get to know who you really are. Personally, the only thing I’m really interested in is what you write about and the way you write about it. Your writing and your contents are the true reflection of who you are.

  10. Can you pop over and practise a little wardrobe nirvana on mine? 🙂 🙂 And perhaps tell me how to make traybake chicken while you’re here. I thought you’d given up on blogging so stopped checking. Be nice to have you around again.

    • Thank you Jo. I am struggling with my own own wardrobe nirvana! I got a present of Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ recently. I have only skim read it but I am trying to use ‘does it spark joy’ principle to the decluttering of my clothes process.
      Traybake chicken is one of my stand-by recipes – I think Jamie Oliver invented it. Briefly it’s chicken breasts put on a baking tray and topped with blanched green beans, olives, halved cherry tomatoes, anchovies, and splash or two of olive oil and some seasoning: the tray is popped in the oven until the chicken is cooked. The recipe works equally well with salmon. 😉

  11. Sorry I happened to get behind in my reading and missed your anniversary. It is always nice to learn a little more about those that we consider our blogging friends. 🙂

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