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Grammar: Between You and Me

Between you and I: Confessions of a Comma Queen

One of the  most enjoyable things I have done of late was to go to a talk, given by Mary Norris, at Dublin’s Italian Institute of Culture.

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Writing: Guardian Masterclass


In the multi chandeliered ballroom of intentions and resolutions the lights only burn with gem like brilliance when intentions and resolutions are actually realised. Thus my chandelier glows with the merest ghostly glimmer because I have crossed off ridiculously few items from the list of things, I drew up a few years ago, that I wished to do in the coming decade.

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Feature Writing Workshop at the Mountains to Sea Book Festival

mountains to sea book festival

I am forever wondering how I can improve my writing. There are tons of suggestions out there and one I often encounter is the advice to read a lot. Of course, there are other things I could do so when I saw that a feature writing workshop was on the list of events for last weekend’s Mountains to Sea Book Festival I didn’t hesitate for a nano second before signing up.

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Blogging: Writing Posts

desk and macbook

The years can gallop by at an alarming rate with some traversing the calendar faster than a cheetah charging across the savanna. Incredibly (well to me at least) JAA is now two; well strictly speaking two and a bit as I published my first post on the first of March 2011.

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Romantic Writer: Abby Green

I met Daisy Cummins when I went to stay at Cloona Health Retreat Centre in the west of Ireland in January. I seem to remember that I was too preoccupied during the first few days of my stay coming to terms with the restrictive but inordinately healthy diet I was eating to wonder too much about my fellow guests. Continue reading


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♥ Grammar Glamour

Beware, if you are thinking of starting a blog it may change your life in ways you least expect.  I had no idea when I set up Just Add Attitude that writing it would pique an interest in grammar and punctuation.   In an earlier post I talked about using Lynn Truss’s book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves to help improve my shaky grasp of the rules of punctuation.  However I am still wondering if the sentences I string together are grammatical correct, I am still struggling with the comma and I am still trying to come to grips with the correct use of the semicolon.

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