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The Wild Rabbit, Kingham

kingham pub

When I was in the Cotswolds recently I stayed at the Wild Rabbit in the surreally pretty village of Kingham. The Wild Rabbit is a pub with rooms and a restaurant but to describe it simply thus gives no indication of its gem-like qualities.

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Kindlestown Wood

delgany forest

If you go to the foodie destination, The Delgany, that I wrote about in the last blog post and if you over indulge in buttery croissants and if you feel the need to take some exercise afterwards the perfect spot to do so – Kindlestown Wood – is very close by.

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Greenan Farm

Greenan Farm

I recently picked up a leaflet about Greenan Farm and its museums and mazes in a coffee shop. As I was idly flicking through it I had a light-bulb moment and suddenly thought it is exactly the sort of place that I would like to visit. And so it was that I found myself travelling the highways and byways to get there yesterday. Well actually I am exaggerating a tad because Greenan farm, in the beautiful Glenmalure valley, is actually very accessible being a mere hour’s drive from Dublin.

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Scribble Dublin: Klickity at Designist

Scribble frames at scribble Dublin

Last Friday evening I went to ‘Scribble Dublin’, which was hosted by Designist a design store on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street. The ‘Scribble Dublin’ event showcased product design company Klickity’s scribble frame. The Klickity scribble frames are exactly what they say they are; frames to scribble on, or indeed as the mood takes you to decorate in whatever way your imagination decrees.

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♥ Noteworthy


I have a bad stationery habit and I am  particularly addicted to buying notebooks.  When I see ones I like, I usually snaffle them up.  In fairness, I use them, either scribbling or sketching (very badly)  on the blank pages, or giving them away as gifts.

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♥ Proud to be Irish


Ireland is a small island at the westerly edge of Europe, with a troubled colonial and post-colonial past and an economy currently on life support.  Being Irish is complex.  Brendan Behan (Irish Playwright 1923 -1964) said “Other people have a nationality.  The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.”

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