Making Resolutions in March!

spring bulbs

People have made New Year’s resolutions since a time before Adam and Eve enrolled in play school. Leastways in some form, as according to Wiki the Babylonians and the Romans made promises to their gods at the start of each year.

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Jordan: Impressions of Amman

amman 1

Earlier this month I travelled to Jordan with my good friend A to see her clever and beautiful daughter N who is spending a year studying in the Jordanian capital: Amman.

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New Year


Literary history doesn’t record what views, if any, Ebenezer Scrooge held about that other famed mid-winter celebration: New Year.

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On the Trail of a Tweed Project Triangular Scarf.

Back at the end of August, when I was in Sligo for a short break, the days were long, languid, and warm. Now inky darkness descends at around five o’clock and there is a distinct autumnal chill in the air. I need to rummage through my scarf drawer, before I leave the house, for something to wrap around my neck as a bulwark against the cold.

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Grammar: Between You and Me

Between you and I: Confessions of a Comma Queen

One of the  most enjoyable things I have done of late was to go to a talk, given by Mary Norris, at Dublin’s Italian Institute of Culture.

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Arran St East Shop and Studio


Until quite recently I worked weekends which meant I often missed interesting events as more often than not they were scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays when the majority of folk were off work.

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Out West: Sligo


At the end of August I went on a short trip to Sligo on Ireland’s west coast – it was a super relaxing.

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In and Around Florence


In May I went on holiday to Italy where I stayed in a town, Montecatini Terme, that has a regular and reliable train service to Florence and best of all the journey time is less than an hour. Florence is a compact easy-to-walk-around city: here’s some of what I did on the days I headed off from base to explore it.


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On Travelling Alone

florence train station

I am usually surprised when someone else is surprised when I say I intend travelling abroad on my own. I shouldn’t be as a score or so years ago I would have thought it more likely that I might circumnavigate the seas surrounding Ireland, in a bath with a spoon for a paddle, that head off to foreign parts on my lonesome.

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Art: The Oratory, Dun Laoghaire

the oratory dun laoghaire

This year as part of its excellent Spring into Heritage programme Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council has once again opened to the public, on certain days, some of the historic buildings they own/manage. By a country mile the smallest of these, at 6M by 3.6M approximately, is The Oratory on Dun Laoghaire’s Convent Road.

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