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In Which I Aim For a Healthier Lifestyle

healthy breakfast

I returned from my recent trip to the Mayr and More Health Centre in Austria fired with enthusiasm for leading a healthier life. Not that my lifestyle pre my visit to Austria was insanely unhealthy but I felt there was room for improvement.

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Do One Thing Today (dott) App

dott graphic

It feels strange, nay even a little astonishing, in our connected by a tangled web of internet and social media virtual world to find out about something new and interesting in an old-fashioned conversational way. And it was in a conversational fashion that I found out about a health and fitness app called Do One Thing Today (dott).

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♥ Morning Cocktail

Other people seem to have good memories.  I on the other hand have a mass of fragmented facts swirling around my brain, most of which eventually spin into oblivion with just a few cascading into some form of long-term memory.

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