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♥ My Rules//Clothes Buying

It has taken me a couple of decades to formulate a loose set of rules through which I try to filter and regulate my clothes buying habits.  I don’t mean to be prescriptive or to offer them as a universal panacea for closets stuffed with inappropriate, unsuitable or unworn clothes; they are just a personal set of guidelines that have helped me avoid mindless random purchases.  I  am sure you have your own clothes-buying rules; here are mine.

At the beginning of the year I make a list of gaps that need to be filled in my closet, if I am exceedingly honest when writing this list, it is minuscule.

I resist the temptation to buy on impulse.  If I feel I am about to utter that oh so dangerous familiar phrase ‘I’ll take it’, I walk away, even if it is just to have a coffee, I find that space for reflection is often enough to dissuade me from purchasing.  I can always go back in a few days to have another look if it’s something that has really caught my imagination.

I don’t buy a piece without being able to answer yes to the following questions: does the item suit me, suit my lifestyle and have I got at least three other items that I can pair it with?

The next question is; is it worth it?  A very subjective judgment but I bear in mind that a blouse costing €15o could turn out to better value than a dress costing €100 depending on the amount of times it’s worn.

On the subject of an item’s worth, I never buy  designer items at full prices, as I feel that they are mostly priced at a level that the market will bear and not at a level closer to their intrinsic worth.  Most of my clothes are from the High Street with the odd high-end pieces that I acquired in the sales or at an outlet. .

I don’t buy items that don’t fit me.  This may seem obvious but it has taken me more years than I care to remember to stop myself from buying, in the sales, things that would only fit if I lost a bit of weight, or that need to be taken in (taken up is ok) before I can wear them.

I buy mostly neutrals with the odd splash of colour, this may sound unremittingly boring but it least it means I have a selection of separates which I can mix and match.

That’s it but I have to confess that I occasionally bend the rules!


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♥ Shopping my Closet

I have never fully understood the manic merry-go-round on which, what was ultra fashionable a mere six months ago becomes sooo last season and what was fashionable  many decades ago becomes the dernier cri in desirable this season.  I confess that I have a fondness for the policy espoused by one of my favourite shops Agnes B, of having a small permanent collection of popular timeless pieces, which acts as a backdrop to the myriad of different garments in each new collection.

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♥ Scarforial Art

Christine Legarde (previously the French finance minister and now the new head of the IMF) was ranked forty-third on the Forbes 2010 list of ‘The World’s most Powerful Women’.  Despite her high-powered international career, it was interesting to see that in a recent FT article (admittedly not specifically about her, or her new job) one of the first things that the journalist honed in on, when describing Christine Lagarde giving a speech, was that ‘she was wearing a scarf tied in a perfect geometric circle’.

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♥ Sartorial Story

Once upon a time, I applied for a place on an intensive two-year jewellery skills course, run by the Craft Council of Ireland.  My application, as Oscar Wilde said in an entirely different context was ‘the triumph of hope over experience’.  Well, lack of experience, actually, as my only exposure to jewellery making /designing was a couple of terms at a once a week two-hour evening class.

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♥ Nothing to Wear

When I am having a wardrobe crisis, I can be heard uttering that most plaintive of cries ‘I have nothing to wear’.  Naturally if I peer into my closet there are umpteen sartorial possibilities, so when I use those words, what I really mean is usually one or a combination of the following.

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