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If Only

hermes bag

As I type this I am listening to Edith Piaf singing ‘Non, Je ne Regrette Rien’. It’s one of my favorive songs. I am not prone to major regrets but I do occasionally indulge in *if only* thinking.

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♥ Giveaway – Hermès Knotting Cards

Yesterday when I wrote about the art of scarf tying I mentioned some sources to check out to help improve and perfect scarforial-knotting skills.  Another great resource is a pack of Hermès Knotting Cards.  I have one  to give away; there are about twenty cards in the pack, each showing a different way of tying a scarf.  To win, simply leave a comment on Just Add Attitude, the comment must mention the word scarf.  The giveaway closes ten days from now on the 16th July.  I will number all your comments pop them into a hat and pull the winning one out on the 17th July.


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♥ My Favourite Things//One

Bracelet:  I am ultra fond of my black wrap around leather bracelet.  It’s my teensy-tiny bit of Hermes.  If I had unlimited funds I would buy a Kelly or a Birkin bag.  I don’t, so my bracelet is as good as it gets on the Hermes front; it has the same buckle as a Kelly bag.  I am not especially not at all elegant but the bracelet is, so it makes me feel more ‘dressed’ when I put it on.   I wear it most days, which makes it good value on a cost per wear basis.

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♥ Hermès Coffee


I wager that even the fashion forward among you don’t know that Hermès do coffee. Well, er, they don’t actually produce coffee. They do however have a café in their bright airy new Parisian Left Bank shop, on the Rue de Sèvres.

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