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Photography Workshop on a Farm

photographic workshop with suzanne crampton

Not having set foot in Kilkenny city or county for over nine years it was a tad strange to find myself there, like a homing pigeon who had temporarily shifted its domicile, three times in as many months this year. What is the Universe trying to tell me? The first two trips were tenuously related: I was in Kilkenny city in late February with friends and I returned in March to collect a small piece of pottery I bought at an exhibition on that earlier trip.

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To Kilkenny City via Jerpoint Abbey

jerpoint kilkenny

What with a soft blue sky filled with sportive fluffy white clouds which were backlit by sunshine and some real warmth in the air, last Saturday felt like the end of the current glacial age had finally arrived. The meteorological deities had, for once, come up trumps as last Saturday was also the day I planned to make a return trip to Kilkenny. It’s less than two months since I was last there so I wouldn’t normally have returned so soon except that I needed to collect a ceramic tree I bought, on my recent trip, at the Future Beauty exhibition in the National Craft Gallery.

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Bennettsbridge: Nicholas Mosse Pottery

nicholas mosse bennettsbridge

It might seem slightly bonkers, given that I had driven for nearly two hours, to pull in for a coffee break just a few miles short of my destination. But that’s exactly what I did on my recent trip to Kilkenny city when I stopped in the pretty village of Bennettsbridge which is only four miles from the city.

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Trip to Kilkenny

Kilkenny castle

I am back. Back blogging that is. I am also back from Kilkenny a lovely and vibrant inland city in the south-east of Ireland. And no, I was not sequestered in Kilkenny for the duration of my blogging break, just for a few days last weekend.

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♥ Sartorial Story

Once upon a time, I applied for a place on an intensive two-year jewellery skills course, run by the Craft Council of Ireland.  My application, as Oscar Wilde said in an entirely different context was ‘the triumph of hope over experience’.  Well, lack of experience, actually, as my only exposure to jewellery making /designing was a couple of terms at a once a week two-hour evening class.

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