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Deirdre O’Donnell and The School of Jewellery

deirdre o'donnell

Note: apologies for the poor quality of some of the images.

I first wrote about talented goldsmith and designer Deirdre O’Donnell back in November 2011 when Deirdre was  setting up a jewellery school and was navigating her way through the establishing-a-business- maze. The business seemed fair set for success as it was plugging  a gap in the market and because of Deirdre’s stellar reputation as a craft jeweller and her passion for passing her knowledge on.

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Showcase Ireland 2013

showcase ireland 2013

On Tuesday I went to Showcase Ireland the annual trade fair organized by the Craft Council of Ireland which exhibits the best and most innovative of Irish craft, design and manufacturing to both Irish and international buyers. Regretfully I had limited time so I speed around trying to take it all in but as there were hundreds of exhibitors I only absorbed a tiny fraction of what was on view. One thing however that stood out for me, as much as a skyscraper would on a road otherwise filled with bungalows, was the extraordinary passion and enthusiasm of all the exhibitors I spoke to for what they do.

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♥ The School of Jewellery

Deirdre O'Donnell - earrings

I love jewellery.  It’s not that I trip the light fantastic to high-end jewellery shops or high street chains to stock up on baskets of bling but rather that I am passionate about beautiful hand crafted pieces.  I love looking at them in awe-struck wonder and appreciating the workmanship even if they are totally beyond my means.  It is of course important that the skills that go into crafting these wonders tumble-down the generations, so as a lover of hand crafted jewellery I was pleased to learn that one of Ireland’s  foremost practitioners of the art Deirdre O’Donnell is setting up a jewellery school in Dublin in 2012.

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♥ Irish Designers Create

Yesterday evening I went to see Irish Designers Create, a celebration of the work of seventeen of the brightest young creatives in the Irish design firmament, which is on at Dublin’s Brown Thomas department store.  The celebration started at yesterday’s Fashion Night Out and will run until the 18th September.  There I met….

Emma Manley:  
The charming and gifted Emma has creativity flowing in her veins and indelibly stamped in her DNA (her Mama is a talented designer/artist).  Still just in her mid twenties she has packed an enormous amount into her life thus far.  She is a fashion graduate who has experience of the industry in both New York and London (in London she worked at the house of Alexander McQueen).  In 2010 she set up her own label, Manley.  Emma uses a mix of luxury materials (leather, chiffon and wool) to fashion sophisticated, feminine garments which are given a tougher edge by unusual fabric combinations, they are sometimes dotted with studs and always sprinkled with the fairy dust of über coolness.  The starting price of a dress from the Manley label  is €220. Web address:

Anne Mette O’Connor
:  Question. What do you get when your blend super niceness with creative talent, an extraordinary eye for detail and a phenomenal work ethic.  The answer in Mette’s case is a thriving jewellery business called AMOC (from the initials of her full name).  The beautiful piece that Mette is wearing  (in the photograph above) is made from silver, charcoal diamonds and ribbon, given the amount of diamonds dangling from the wonder necklace I didn’t dare ask the price but in her shop Mette has beautiful hand crafted pieces from around €100 (I did a post on AMOC in May to read it click here). Web address:

Heidi Higgins:
On my way up to see the exhibition I spotted a dress I liked on a display mannequin, I assumed it was by one of the well know designer stocked by Brown Thomas so I stopped to ask the people working on the display about it, only to find myself talking to Heidi Higgins the designer of said dress.  She is one of the seventeen designers chosen to take part in the Irish Designers Create celebration.  Upstairs, Heidi a graduate of the National College of Art and Design, had a rail laden with simple chic timeless and stylish garments (mainly dresses) with an Audrey Hepburn-esque feel. The pure wool dresses some in bright jewel colours and some in neutrals were priced around the €300/350 mark.  Web address:

Laragh McMonagle:
  My friend H who has a keen eye for all things beautiful  told me, via a comment on the blog some months ago about the work of Blackrock based jewellery designer Laragh McMonagle.  I didn’t get a chance to go to the exhibition that H recommended so last night was the first time I saw some of the dream like items from Laragh’s treasure trove.  Laragh is mainly self-thought and as you can see from the picture above she uses pearls, silver and gemstones in a pretty unique way.  Mea culpa I forgot to check out prices.  Web address

I didn’t get a chance to look properly at all the other designers work so it is good news that the exhibition continues on the third floor of Brown Thomas until 18th September.

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♥ Favourite Shops//AMOC

I find that the shops I like the most are the hardest things to write about on the blog, as there is always the fear that my words and photographs will not do them full justice.  AMOC Jewellery  is a special favourite of mine.   It is not your average jewellers selling a mass of homogenous manufactured items.  Instead it is a veritable treasure trove of handcrafted jewels designed by Mette, AMOC’s talented owner.  The prices are amazingly reasonable.

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♥ Super shimmery


Walking down Dublin’s Wexford Street recently, I stopped to go into Djinn a jewellery shop.  Dangerous.  I know from experience that the only fail-safe way not to spend money in a shop is not to enter it in the first place.

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♥ Fleur and Fleurie


When creativity, charm, and youthful enthusiasm converge it’s a beguiling mix:  Fleur Reynolds is that  cocktail  Fleur makes pleasing, pretty, delicate jewellery from freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and filled gold.  She fizzes with energy as she talks about the pieces she designs and hand makes.  Her label is appropriately called Fleurie ( The range includes necklaces and earrings with bracelets being added soon.

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