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♥ Royal Wedding Party

Up at six to make sure that everything ran to plan on the big day, no not the royal wedding planner but my friend C who was hosting a wedding party for friends, including moi.  We were seated in front of the television well in advance of the eleven o’clock start of the ceremony.  C made sure we all had a glass of chilled champagne and offered around some delectable food.

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♥ Royal Wedding and my hat

Naturally I haven’t been invited to the Royal Wedding, I am not disappointed, as I never expected a Royal summons in the first place.  I am sure that being at Westminster Abbey on the 29th April will be an amazing experience for the select few, there are however some downsides.  The general congregation has to pitch up at the Abbey’s North entrance between 8.15am and 8.45am and as the wedding ceremony doesn’t start until 11am that is a lot of hanging about.  Plus there is the anxiety inducing decision of what to wear and the possibility of your choice being dissed by the fashion flock section of the media.  Still the fact that I won’t be at the Abbey doesn’t mean I am in a sartorial stress free zone.

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