♥ Royal Wedding and my hat

Naturally I haven’t been invited to the Royal Wedding, I am not disappointed, as I never expected a Royal summons in the first place.  I am sure that being at Westminster Abbey on the 29th April will be an amazing experience for the select few, there are however some downsides.  The general congregation has to pitch up at the Abbey’s North entrance between 8.15am and 8.45am and as the wedding ceremony doesn’t start until 11am that is a lot of hanging about.  Plus there is the anxiety inducing decision of what to wear and the possibility of your choice being dissed by the fashion flock section of the media.  Still the fact that I won’t be at the Abbey doesn’t mean I am in a sartorial stress free zone.

You see my friend C is hosting a Royal Wedding breakfast cum TV watching fest on the big day, she is a terrific hostess and I am delighted to have been invited. There is just a teeny tiny fly in the ointment – the dress code.  It’s vague except for the stipulation that a hat is obligatory!  I don’t own a hat that is suitable for a royal wedding celebration.  To get an idea of the hats in my closet think black warm woolly and keeping the rain off my head variety.  The only remote hat possibility I have is the straw one pictured above but as you can see from the picture it’s more of a beach or garden hat.   The countdown has begun I have one week to turn the floppy straw number into a fanciful dreamlike wonder.

Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.  All ideas welcome.

Note: The miniature dresses pictured above are exact replicas of those worn by the bridesmaids who attended Diana, The Princess of Wales on her wedding day.  The silk used to make the miniature replicas came from the batch that was especially woven for the Princess’s own wedding dresses in 1981.  They are on permanent display at the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons and their provenance is the Royal collection of David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

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