Dublin: Vintage Photographs

One of the things I like about the photography class I recently enrolled in is that the subject is taught in the round. By that I mean the class is not just about the technical aspects of photography but instead takes an overview of the subject. For that I am truly grateful as in truth two and a half hours of tech detail every Tuesday evening would rapidly turn my brain to a mushy pea consistency.

At last week’s class among the many things we explored and discussed were: photography books in the college’s library; examples of photographic errors and how best to avoid them; the photo sharing website Flickr where we saw a set of vintage images of Ireland from the Library of Congress’s photostream; and yes also some techie stuff such as f-stops and shutter speed.

I was inspired to explore further and I had a closer look at the Library of Congress’s photostream when I got home. Among the many pictures of Ireland on said photostream are the interesting vintage images of Dublin which you see in this post. The passage of time and the tide of history has changed the way most of these locations now look. So much so that even as a native Dubliner I had to look long and hard at some of the prints before I recognized what exactly I was looking at. The Library of Congress dates these pictures, which are Photocrom prints, to between 1890 and 1900. I won’t pretend to understand the Photocrom process but click here, if you are interested is what Wiki says about it.

Vintage photo of Dublin - O'Connell Street

As I am heading off to Italy for a week this Wednesday the next post and set of pictures will come from Lake Como. At least I hope it will – I intend to pack my camera, my MacBook Air plus assorted cables, chargers and adaptors and I have my fingers and toes crossed that I don’t forget to put some piece of equipment, that is vital to blogging from afar, into my case.

Talk to you soon. Ciao!

Note the images in order of appearance are of: College Green, St Stephen’s Green, Killiney/Dalkey, Dun Laoghaire Harbour (know as Kingstown Harbour when the image was taken), Howth & Ireland’s Eye, and O’Connell Street & O’Connell Bridge (O’Connell Street was know as Sackville Street when the image was taken).


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8 responses to “Dublin: Vintage Photographs

  1. Those are quite captivating photos of Dublin. i really love them.
    Have a great time at Como.

    • Thank you so much Jo for your holiday wishes. Yes I agree with you the photos are captivating – without seeing them it would be difficult for me to imagine the streets of the city without the constant rush of traffic.

  2. Lake Como!! I couldn’t think of a better place to apply your newly discovered photography talent! Have fun!!

  3. What glorious images. i don’t know why but i have always thought of Dublin as being dark and damp and coal like.. i really should have visited when i was in England, because I am sure I am quite wrong c

  4. tha photos are fantastic, and what a great way to learn by using a topic you ar efamilar with (Dublin).
    Happy travels, oooo lake Como, looking forward to seeing the photos !

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