Postcard from Lake Como

lake como

I arrived at Milan’s Linate airport yesterday morning and at my hotel in the village of Cadenabbia on the shore of Lake Como around lunchtime. It was a painless journey; the only downside was that I had to get up at the ungodly hour of four am to get to the airport on time. It’s not the four am start per se that’s the pits but getting up to catch an early flight is always proceeded by a fitfully sundered night’s sleep as I worry that the alarm on my phone which functions perfectly well every other day of the year might fail to go off.

lake como

lake como

This is my first trip to Lake Como. The region is a veritable feast for the eyes, a magnificent melange of: rippling water, forested mountains and Italian architecture. It’s looking spectacularly wonderful just now in its many-hued autumn cloak. Nature does seem to do colour better than any of the nearby famous Milanese fashion houses.

lake como

lake como

After I checked into my hotel yesterday I went in search of lunch. I usually wander around looking at various restaurants before deciding where to eat but as I was feeling dog-tired I simply went into the one closest to the hotel. Now I am normally insanely and irrationally prejudiced against resaurants/cafes which have menus with very few words and instead show pictures of the dishes on offer. But surprise, surprise yesterday having pointed at some pictures on the menu in the Cadenabbia’s Iron Gate café/bar (I will have to find out why its so called) I got very good version of striogoli pasta, smothered in pesto, cooked in the proper Italian al dente way followed by a rather nice slice of apple strudel with ice cream. The moral of this tale (for me) is that it is always good to challenge one’s prejudices.

lake como

I haven’t done much exploring yet just a trip by boat across the lake today to the pretty town of Bellagio. I have lots to do and see in the next few days.


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20 responses to “Postcard from Lake Como

  1. I am exactly the same when i have to catch a flight, i am always ridiculously early, and from here it is an hour in a car then two hours in a bus and finally the airport with its processing hours.. a trial i would gladly go through to reach such a wonderful destination.. beautiful shots, just beautiful.. c

    • You describe me exactly – I always have to be at the airport way before the scheduled departure time and of course I build in way to much contingency time to my getting to the airport estimate. Thanks c for the compliment on the shots – but I have to say it’s such an extraordinary beautiful place that all I had to do was point and shoot.

  2. This one of my favorite places in Italy! Lovely photos!

  3. We stayed in Bellagio looking back at you a few years ago. I loved the place. In truth I love the Italian Lakes- full stop. Lucky you.

    • As I write I am having a coffee and gazing at Bellagio on the far side of the lake. The lakes as you say are truly beautiful – picture perfect in fact. I am looking forward to the rest of my stay.

  4. What a grand adventure! I’d love to see Lake Como.. a friend I know celebrated his 50th there!

  5. I was just in Milan, and the weather turned bad this morning. I hope you are doing better in Lake Como. It is a gorgeous area and looks best in fine weather. My favourite town is Varenna, look for the beautiful gardens……and Villa del Balbianello….a bit tricky to get to but wonderful. There are a few posts on my blog about Lake Como.

    • Hi Debra I saw on your blog that you were at La Scala the other night. It is a beautiful area sadly the weather today has not been good – constant rain. And I don’t think it’s set to improve over the weekend so I am hoping that early next week will be fine. I will check out your post on Lake Como over the weekend.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time! Your pictures are gorgeous – I’d like to visit there myself… 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your trip. It looks beautiful. I have only been to Italy once, but it captured my heart.

  8. Lake Como is beautiful…I hope that the weather improves for you. We have had rain and fog on our trip in Germany and Austria as well.

  9. Gorgeous shots – I now need to add Lake Como to my ‘places I need to visit in Italy’ list!

  10. Ann

    Hi B, just read your lovely blog and gazed at your lovely pics. My mind is made up, I wil be in Como next year for a very important birthday!!! Say hello to George for me if you see him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ann xxx

    • Hi A,

      Lovely to hear from you. It’s beautiful here but cold and sometimes very wet … but I am enjoying the trip. Absolutely no sighting of the gorgeous George – I haven’t seen where is villa is. Look forward to catching up with you when I get back. B xxx

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