Breakfast at Brother Hubbard

capel street cafe brother hubbard

I had heard a lot about Brother Hubbard a café on Dublin’s Capel Street, all of it good, but I had not sampled even a cup of coffee there before this weekend

cafe brother hubbard

The café’s location is a little west of Dublin’s central axis, however Brother Hubbard is, I think, so worth a detour if you have no other reason to visit the Capel Street area. I drove into the centre of Dublin on Saturday and when I arrived the city, which was on bank holiday time, was still and was just starting to spark to life. I parked in Ely Place, a spot where incidentally I always find a parking space no matter what time of the day I seek it, and from there I walked to Brother Hubbard. It’s a pleasant walk past some of Dublin’s iconic buildings and I arrived at ten just as Brother Hubbard opened, so I had the place to myself but only for the briefest time because by ten fifteen the café was thronged, surely a good sign.

exterior of brother hubbard

When I went through the door my first thought was: oh what a cool and stylish space. The café had a recent revamp by Designgoat and it’s modish in a restrained and tasteful way, it has: a high ceiling; deep-ish grey walls; chic wooden tables and stools; a wooden floor in a between dark and light tone; enlivening shots of primary colours here and there; stylish lighting; and an outdoor courtyard space which doubles as a seating and food growing area.

pastries at brother hubbard

Brother Hubbard is and independent owner-run café and its website says: ‘Our focus is to do a good job, serving people simple, good food and drinks that they can enjoy, and that we can enjoy making and serving. Our menu is simple and small – so we can try and make things the best they can be.’ That sounds to me like a pretty good food philosophy and a sure-fire recipe for success.

semolina pancakes at brother hubbard

I ordered from the brunch menu which is served from ten to four thirty on Saturdays and I feasted on Moroccan-style semolina pancakes served with a sweet ricotta crème, summer berry & rose compote and topped with a hazelnut-almond praline. I enjoyed the pancakes hugely, I didn’t try to analyze the individual elements but the flavours melded together beautifully and the whole was divinely delicious. The flat white with soya milk that I had after the pancakes was also excellent.

flat white at brother hubbard

Breakfast at Brother Hubbard is by far and way the best morning meal I have had for some time: I have mentally bookmarked the café as a must-return-to spot.

Brother Hubbard is at 153 Capel Street: web address –


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22 responses to “Breakfast at Brother Hubbard

  1. Sounds like a delightful place for breakfast or brunch! The baked items look to die for 🙂

  2. Everything looks and sounds wonderful, especially those pancakes. What a great find.

  3. Delicious. I like the look of those pancakes.

  4. I love the space and… the pastries! 🙂
    Very nice reporting as always complemented by pleasing illustrative photography.
    Hope all is well, dear B 🙂
    Have a nice week!

  5. Thank you so much Stefano. 😉

    All is well thanks and I hope it is too with you and the gang and that you all have a great week. 😉

  6. The more I read on your blog about Dublin the more I want to visit!

  7. I like their sign, this is the cafe you’ve been looking for…clever.

  8. Surrey Cousin

    That mouth watering pancake makes me nostalgic for the wonderful breakfasts cooked by John Sheedy in Sheedy’s Lisdoonvarna!!
    G xxx

  9. Lovely place. I’ve never been to Dublin. One day…

  10. Looks like a really lovely little place. We need more of those and less of Starbucks…

  11. What a charming looking place — and the food looks truly drool-worthy! 🙂


    I must make it to Dublin, for all that’s sacred. *blaming myself*

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