A letter. A Reply.

One evening during my recent stay at Cloona Health Retreat Centre Loretta, a psychotherapist, gave a talk on ‘Food and Feeling’. As I sat with my fellow guests, waiting for Loretta to arrive, I was feeling pretty smug as I  knew I was an eating and body issue free zone. The loud thump mid way through her talk was the sound of me falling to earth as I realized that actually I do have issues.

Among other things, Loretta spoke about the way so many of us use highly critical language when talking about our bodies; harsh critical words that we wouldn’t dream of using when talking to someone else. Sadly I recognized myself. She suggested we might find it interesting and useful to write a letter to our body and to have our body write a reply. Here goes.

Dear body,

I have never spoken to you before, which I regret, as I now realize I have so much to thank you for. Via you I have been blessed with good health; I have been able to work, travel, laugh, run, and do all manner of other things which I am prone to take for granted.

Most of all I want to say how very sorry I am for the constant criticisms I have levelled at you over the years; there was always some bit of you that didn’t match up to my utterly unrealistic expectations. Mea culpa.

I hope you can forgive me. I plan to strive to appreciate you more and to rein in the criticisms. I hope we can now live together in greater harmony.

Love from me

Dear me,

Thank you for your letter. I was so very pleased and relieved to receive it; in truth I don’t feel I am even a fraction as bad as you have always thought I am.

I am glad that we are to try for a more harmonious coexistence. It would be lovely if we could make a start by agreeing that actually I am not overweight and stop the never-ending on-off struggle to shift a few pounds. All is forgiven.

Love from your body.

Note: I am in agreement with my body about my (our) weight.


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16 responses to “A letter. A Reply.

  1. hey that is fantastic, i am going to so that too, what a stunning idea! c

  2. I have always used self-deprecation and smart-alecky humor when talking about myself, thinking it was a way to keep from coming across as too egotistical, but the truth is probably more that people think I’m really unhappy with how I look or feel if they believe what I’m saying. I guess it’s a good lesson to be reminded to be kind to and about ourselves, too! Thanks for sharing that insight today, my friend!

  3. Isn’t it true? I wonder where all that negative body self-talk comes from? And where it began?? I am quite content with being average…

  4. I wonder is it because we are overexposed to a constant stream of images of supposed perfection. I am going to aim for being content with being average. It sounds like a good idea.

  5. a great idea. And I’m definitely too critical which as you said I wouldn’t be of others. Time to lighten and brighten up!

  6. ‘Time to lighten and brighten up’ is a great expression. I think most of us are too critical of our bodies. I will try to do lighten and brighten my body outlook.

  7. Great letters from the both of you.

  8. I love this thought! Our bodies do deserve such gratitude! Thank you for reminding me. – Now, there is a little conversation I have to have…

  9. My body laughs at me sometimes as I actually think it can do more than it can….Like stay up until late at night and still function the the next day! I might try one of these letters, it’s a great idea. xx

  10. Reblogged this on Healthy Working Mom and commented:
    Had to share this with you…as a person striving to be healthy, I wonder just how harsh I am on my body. Big thanks to Just Add Attitude for the reminder 🙂

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