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Lately I have neglected the blog in favour of doing some gardening. Now, my garden is an atom of a thing as it is truly pocket-handkerchief size, so it’s hard, in retrospect, to credit that doing very little to such a tiny space took up a vast amount of time. Admittedly a lot of that was thinking time: pondering what plants to buy, wondering were in the tiny space to put them, and trying to figure out by reading plant information labels at garden centres which were the best buys in terms of colour and longest flowering times.


Work in progress

The garden was theoretically ok as it was but it just wasn’t ‘me’ so I wanted to put my stamp on it by tweaking it a little. I started out with a rectangular shaped garden with narrow flower beds on three sides, there was a hole in the ground where a pond once was and the rest was hard surface of either brick or patio slabs.

potato plant glasnevin

Essentially it’s still much as before but I tried to, and hope I have, softened it somewhat. I decided that removing most of the paving slabs and replacing them with gravel would have that softening effect. I planned to get someone in for a day to do this, however I discovered to my surprise that the slabs came up easily so I removed some of them. In deference to my lower back I will get somebody in to take up the remainder but getting even a few out of the ground was a start and once I had put a couple of bags of gravel down where they had been, I had a feel for how the garden could look, and I felt encouraged to do some planting.

tiny garden

Work done to date, more to do

The main object of the new planting was to try add long-lasting colour so all the plants were picked on that basis without me being sure if they were right for my garden’s orientation and its resultant distinct lack of sunlight. Time will tell if they thrive or even survive. The names of the plants, that I hope will flower all summer, as transcribed from their labels include: solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’, polygala myrtifolia, Erysimum Bowels’s mauve, geranium m ‘Bevan variety’ …

long lasting colour - garden

I took down the climbers that crawled over the fences as they were deciduous so they looked bedraggled and straggly in winter time. The hole that once was a pond got filled with bags of compost and some soil borrowed from the flower beds and then I planted an olive tree in it. I am going to have to prune said tree severely every year as it has the potential to grow large (ten metres apparently) and I want it to stay the size it is!

olive tree

There’s much more to do but at least I have started.


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35 responses to “In the Garden

  1. I LOVE your garden, it’s just the right size as far as I am concerned and it looks whimsical and lovely. Your choice of plants looks great and I love the pavers and stones as well as the adorable little birds. I think you have done a fantastic job,

  2. That is a beautiful garden! Hope flowers last very very long πŸ™‚

  3. H

    Hi B, that is a really lovely garden – health to enjoy. I particularly love the olive tree. I am reminded of the sign in Avoca which says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now. In your case, now sounds best to avoid too much pruning!! Hx

    • Thank you so much H, that’s kind. I lusted after an olive tree for my small space but worried about it taking over day-of-the-triffids style so I think I am going to have to keep it in check! I do know that Avoca sign and it’s a great saying.

      Sending many good wishes through the ether. Bxx

  4. What a beautiful start you have made. Love the wee ornaments. I hope you will continue with progress reports.

  5. Lovely, lovely, and *well* worth neglecting a mere blog in deference to work on such a sweet garden!

  6. It looks gorgeous. Don’t worry, olive trees grow really slowly, you won’t have trouble keeping it in check and they are easy to prune.

  7. Working in a garden is hard work but so rewarding when you get to sit and enjoy the beautiful flowers. I think it looks lovely and will only get better as time passes.

  8. What a fantastic garden! I can imagine bringing a lounge chair out there and just reading in the peace and quiet. What a lovely space πŸ™‚

  9. Gardening is the best reason for neglecting blogging! Your garden is beautiful!


    all I manage to grow are sorry little succulents…. meeeeeh 😦

    P.S. also I manage to stalk a florist friend’s highly inspiring blog πŸ˜€

  11. Ann

    Great work on the garden B, we were only talking about it a week ago…. Love the plant choice, try a lemon tree for the Gin and Tonics! Keep up the good work. Axx

  12. Your garden is really pretty and I think that planning is really important as well as lots of fun!

  13. Surreycousin

    The transformation is wonderful already (and I love the birds). Don’t worry too much about the olive tree. They grow VERY slowly (well ours do).
    G XX

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