♥ Knitwear: Lainey Keogh

Lainey, Lainey Keogh, knitwear

Ireland has no honours system, no lords,dames, sirs or chevaliers.  Being on an Irish stamp is as good as it gets.  In 2010 An Post (the Irish postal service) issued a set of stamps honouring six contemporary Irish designers.  Lainey Keogh was one of them.  (the others were: Philip Treacy, John Rocha, Orla Keily, Paul Costelloe and Louise Kennedy.)

Lainey, Lainey Keogh, knitwear

I am a long time Lainey fan.  Lainey Keogh is the talented knitwear queen who has honed her design skills for over twenty years.  Lainey works using the  traditional crafts of knitting and crochet in an imaginative way.

Lainey, Lainey Keogh, knitwear

The Lainey label is about the art of the possible and  a mysterious alchemic process.  The results which flows from this fusion are stylish clothes woven from dreams.  The beautiful ultra soft hand embroidered cashmere knits and the dreamlike crochet dresses  have a timeless aura.

Lainey, Lainey Keogh, knitwear

I could have bought a mass of stuff when I went to see her latest collection at Dublin’s Shelbourne hotel.  I avoided credit card carnage by repeating my newly minted mantra endlessly ‘only buy to fill the gaps in your wardrobe’.

Lainey, Lainey Keogh, knitwear

In case you are wondering what I need right now to fill a wardrobe gap – it’s summer jeans.

Update; click here to read what blogging superstar Style Bubble says about her Lainey cashmere wrap and I think she is wearing  it in this post here.


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6 responses to “♥ Knitwear: Lainey Keogh

  1. z

    Love this blog. Off to get some of those notebooks. Had completely forgotten about the Daintree. Nice to be reminded about an old favourite.

  2. sue burrows

    I’m devastated! I left my beautiful big, thick Lainey cashmere coat on a plane last week. It was the most beautiful thing I ever owned. Any idea who stocks Lainey in Australia?

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