On the Trail of a Tweed Project Triangular Scarf.

Back at the end of August, when I was in Sligo for a short break, the days were long, languid, and warm. Now inky darkness descends at around five o’clock and there is a distinct autumnal chill in the air. I need to rummage through my scarf drawer, before I leave the house, for something to wrap around my neck as a bulwark against the cold.

The tweed project

Did I say scarf drawer: I should have said scarf drawers. I have a thing about scarves and I now have a myriad of them, collected over the years, in a rainbow of colours. I must have rocks in my head because having masses of scarves never prevents me buying another one. Thus, on my end-of-summer trip out west, I was in search of a Tweed Project triangular scarf that I had spotted online but wanted to see and feel before I committed to buying it.

So, when returning to base from Sligo, I made a detour to the home of the Tweed Project: Galway city. I had hoped to find the scarf at Brown Thomas, a department store, as at that time the store was showcasing a selection of the Tweed Project clothes. However I was as out of luck as a punter who backs three-legged horses because the scarf I wanted wasn’t in stock.

the tweed project

Before continuing on my voyage around Galway in search of my scarf I headed for lunch in Ard Bia at Nimmos. Ard Bia is a successful café/restaurant with a reputation for producing delicious food from locally sourced produce. I wasn’t disappointed as my lunch was truly good. And I loved the café’s eclectic decor.

the tweed project

As it happens Aoibheann MacNamara the owner of Ard Bia is also one of the co-founders (Trioan Lillis is the other) of the Tweed Project. Still though I hadn’t expected to find scarves for sale in the café but there were, although sadly not the one I was seeking. But as luck would have it Aoibheann was working that lunchtime. She passed by as I was rummaging in the scarf pile and suggested I go her studio that afternoon and said she would arrange to have a triangular scarf there for me to try on.

Result: the triangular scarf draped just as I wanted and the colours suited my skin tone, so I bought it. Bonus result: I got to see Aoibheann’s studio and the downstairs of her super stylish house. Creativity seeps like a river’s tributaries throughout the space. If you would like to see some photos of the house here’s a link to a feature in Image magazine.

I really like the way the Tweed Project uses indigenous fabrics (tweed and linen) in a cool contemporary way: ergo I am a fan. Last year I bought one of their blankets via Markers and Brothers as a Christmas present to myself:I love the way it adds cosiness and texture to my bedroom. The Tweed Project products are pricey but they are also well made and timeless.

The Tweed Project is online here.


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16 responses to “On the Trail of a Tweed Project Triangular Scarf.

  1. What a lovely looking scarf, very beautiful! I definitely love investing in quality items. I always remember someone telling me that it’s the last items you put on that make the biggest impact in how you look. That’s why I love accessorizing with scarfs, they make such a statement!

    • Hello Heather, I am so sorry for the delayed reply. I hope you and Matt had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
      I too love accessorising with scarves. Although I need to improve the way I wear them – I have yet to master the art of scarf draping. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Margaret

    Scarfs must be a family thing ! – I could open a scarf shop – Last year I sourced a couple of lovely fleece scarf cowls in the golf shop in Howth …. So your cousin has been nice and warm in the last few days …. thanks for the link I will check it out …. temptation is a wonderful thing ..,
    Best regards 😘 M xx

    • Hello Margaret,

      Thank you for your comment and for reading JAA. It’s much appreciated. A scarf shop, now there’s an idea! I hope all is well with you and glad to hear you are suitably wrapped up against the chill. B xxx

  3. What a lovely scarf, I went onto their website and love the simplicity and workmanship of their garments. I love scarves as well and have more than I could possibly use.

    • I am sorry for the late reply to your comment. I hope you had great Thanksgiving. I am pleased to hear I am not alone in having more scarves than I could wear in a month of Mondays! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

  4. Surreycousin

    Oh dear. M is right, it is a family thing, I fear. I have just been “rationalising” my scarf drawers (yes, plural) prior to an impending move but your lovely pictures temporarily shook my resolve!

  5. A friend in Greystones shared you blog with me. Am loving it, not least the att images. How many scarves? I need to know!

  6. I have a friend who can’t wear jewellery and uses scarves in a similar fashion. She always looks wonderfully accessorised whereas I look thrown together. Haven’t got the knack 🙂 But what an interesting place to go looking and I applaud your choice.

  7. Love that you were able to find the perfect scarf you wanted. I have a nice collection but won’t be needing them all that much since our move to Florida.

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