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Saved by Cake

Saved by Cake

I was never going to buy another cookery book. Never ever. For a start the bookshelves in my kitchen, of which incidentally I am inordinately proud of having assembled from an IKEA flat pack, are stuffed to capacity. I was especially not going to buy another cookery book with instructions for making cakes because I must already have a zillion recipes for sweet confections. And as for buying a cookery book with a saturated pink cover which has a photograph featuring a cheesecake with a lurid lime-green topping made from jelly – now that would be totally out of the question.

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♥ Afternoon Tea with a Writer

The Istanbul Puzzle by Lawrence O'Bryan

Irish writer Laurence O’Bryan is the author of the Istanbul Puzzle. It’s his debut novel and the official publication date is the 19th January 2012. Harper Collins (Avon imprint) the publisher of The Istanbul Puzzle have signed Laurence for a three-book deal. The book will be available, at launch, in eight countries they are: Ireland, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, New Zealand,Turkey and the UK. (Greece, Italy and Turkey in translation obviously). Harper Collins describe the book as ‘an electrifying conspiracy thriller which will entice fans of Scott Mariani, Sam Bourne and Dan Brown.’

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♥ Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie

Coco Chanel and the brand she created fascinate me: despite this fascination I knew very little about Chanel’s life until I read Justine Picardie’s biography of her. I love the way the well-researched book delves beneath the myth and mystery in which Chanel’s life is shrouded to arrive at a hugely human portrait of the legendary fashion icon.  

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