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Walking: Killiney Hill

Because, these past few months, I have eaten a surfeit of sugary treats aka slices of cake and put regular exercise on the back burner the land of healthy living seemed as distant as the far reaches of the solar system. It was time for a change, so this week I munched my way through gargantuan quantities of fruit & vegetables. And I walked, walked and walked some more. As I live beside the sea, my neighbourhood is a pleasant place to stroll around but if I was to pound the same route continuously I could very easily get bored. Variety is after all the spice of life so it was time for a change of scenery.

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♥ Proud to be Irish


Ireland is a small island at the westerly edge of Europe, with a troubled colonial and post-colonial past and an economy currently on life support.  Being Irish is complex.  Brendan Behan (Irish Playwright 1923 -1964) said “Other people have a nationality.  The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.”

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