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I have a bad stationery habit and I am  particularly addicted to buying notebooks.  When I see ones I like, I usually snaffle them up.  In fairness, I use them, either scribbling or sketching (very badly)  on the blank pages, or giving them away as gifts.

When I talked about the Cake Cafe in an earlier post, I mentioned to get to it you have to walk through the Daintree Paper Shop.  This is very bad for my bank balance as I invariably see something I want to buy.  Thankfully nothing is too expensive.

My latest acquisition from Daintree is a set of two really sweet notebooks in a slip cover.  I love their cuteness.  An added bonus is their sustainable credentials.  The paper is made in Nepal from the bark of the Lokta plant (Daphne Papyracea).  The bark regenerates so the fragile ecology system in the forests where Lokta grows is not disturbed.   The paper is hand-made and hand-dyed (vegetable dye).


The owner of Daintree Paper says on the shop’s website, that he has visited Nepal and that production of the items he buys is both ethical and safe.

The set of notebooks cost €9.95.

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