Welcome to 2012


It’s the first day of the New Year and incredibly we are already in the twelfth year of the twenty-first century. How did that happen? It feels like just six months or so have passed since we celebrated the millennium.

The idea of making resolutions around the New Year period would seem to be indelibly etched into our psyches. So much so that when I *gave up* making them about ten years I didn’t really give up making them at all. Instead what was my annual short list of five or so resolutions morphed into a set of long to do lists. I make separate lists for different categories, the categories include: personal, health, financial, travel, home etc. Everything that I would like to do, or that needs to be done over the coming year gets put on one of these lists. Thus the items on the lists range from the inanely simple, must be done things, such as changing a blown light bulb to the more fanciful, wish to do things, such as visiting far-flung cities and countries.

I am kind to myself when the time comes to review the lists. I give myself a pat on the back for what I have achieved and carry forward to the following year what I haven’t. Below are five things, picked at random from my lists, that I hope to do in 2012 and maybe even write about on the blog.

  • Visit Antwerp: a city I have long wanted to see.
  • Enroll in a creative writing class.
  • Buy Photoshop and learn how to use it (I foresee some hair-tearing-out-days ahead as I try to come to grips with it).
  • Make orange wine.
  • Practise sketching (I have multiple blank notebooks and several sets of underused pencils)

Let’s see how I do!

I wish you dear readers whatever you wish for yourselves in 2012. Happy New Year.


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12 responses to “Welcome to 2012

  1. These are good inspiration for me. I love this part of blogging – we encourage and challenge one another to do better, to write better, to be better.

  2. Thanks. It is such a lovely part of blogging to connect and as you say encourage and challenge one another to do better. As for writing better, I hope you got to read the post after I edited it, I pushed the publish button before I proofread it properly and there were *cringes with embarrassment* multiple errors.

  3. Orange Wine! I look forward to that post. And this list is very doable! And i know all about typos i am the king of typos! thank goodness for the instant edit button! have fun.. c

  4. I think your approach to resolutions or to-do lists or whatever-you-call-its is just fabulous. So very sensible, but allows for all of the necessary flights of fancy that can lead to unprecedented and otherwise impossible greatness. And I *love* the delightful items you offer as examples. All very worthy of the attempts indeed. Here’s to launching in their direction with joy and enthusiasm galore!

  5. The to-do lists approach to resolutions works for me, although as I say in the post not everything gets crossed off by year end but no matter if I get the majority of items done I am content indeed. Thank you for your good wishes.

  6. Every one of those five items sounds like an exciting one to pursue. It will be intersting to read your updates on them in this blog. Best wishes for achieving all your goals in 2012.

  7. Thank you very much for your comment Timethief it is much appreciated, as are your good wishes for goal-achievement.

  8. It really is hard to believe how fast the years pass by. I like the idea of to do lists instead of resolutions. If accomplished…wonderful. If not acomplished…no guilt just move to the next year’s list.

  9. Gosh I so agree the years just whizz by and yes the beauty of the to do lists are that items on them can just be carried forward, if they don’t get done within the year. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  10. Good luck with your list. Have a wonderful 2012.

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