Helicopter Trip

helicopter 1

I am neither a risk-taker nor an adrenaline junkie. So there are certain things I am as likely to do as a family of penguins is to arrive on a beach in Florida for a spot of sunbathing . Items on my unlikely to-do list include: leaving a plane at a surreal height and relying on a parachute to get me safely to the ground, bungee jumping off a vertiginous building, and white water rafting.


Flying by helicopter is somewhat down the scale of risky activities but up until recently I hadn’t given any thought as to whether doing so belonged on my list of things I would do or things I wouldn’t. This was because I never imagined I would travel skyward in one. However I hadn’t reckoned on the inventiveness of my good friends J, M, and A who took me out last Saturday on a magical mystery tour in a belated celebration of my birthday.


It wasn’t until we arrived at the heliport that I realized a spot of flying was on the agenda. I am not afraid of flying although I am not keen on the charging headlong down the runway bit for take off or when the wheels bump to the ground and the plane seems to shudder as the pilot brakes on landing . A helicopter ascends and descends vertically so getting airborne and coming down again is way smoother than a plane’s take off and landing. I suspect many of you knew that already but I didn’t. There were a few hairy moments in the air when the pilot showed off his skills, it wasn’t loop the loop but he did turn the machine almost on its side.


I really, really enjoyed my time in the helicopter. I was lucky as I got to sit beside the pilot and had a panoramic view. I was glad I brought my camera, as instructed, so I had the opportunity for the very first time to take some aerial photographs. It was so kind and thoughtful of friends to book the surprise helicopter ride to give me the opportunity to take said photos, especially as one of them truly, truly doesn’t like flying.


We celebrated our return to terra firm with a glass of fizz. Then we headed off for a long leisurely lunch and finished off in A’s house with cocktails, tapas and a birthday cake.

It was an exciting and lovely day and most definitely not my average Saturday!


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17 responses to “Helicopter Trip

  1. What a truly special birthday celebration! It sounds like you had a spectacular day. I’ve never been in a helicopter before but it sounds like great fun 🙂

  2. We did a helicopter ride over central Australia, which was great. It is a strange feeling to be so exposed and so high, but it was an interesting experience.

  3. Happy Birthday and what an adventure. A helicopter ride. Wow. Did it have doors? I have seen some that don’t and that scares the bejesus out of me. I am petrified of heights. Well, really you have wonderful friends who sound like loads the fun, the bubbly and tapas etc sounds great afterwards.

    • Thank you so much. It did have doors but actually I don’t remember too much about getting in and out. We had a safety run through before hand and I was concentrating hard on following the hand signals directions (too much noise to hear) we were given so we didn’t walk into the line of fire of the rotating blades. Yes, I’ll second the fact that my friends are wonderful, truly wonderful. 😉

  4. Weren’t we talking joyful the other day? 🙂 I was jumping up and down in my seat reading this! (ok, I exaggerate a tiny bit) What a lovely present. The nearest I’ve managed is a small biplane over the Greek islands but I would adore to do the Grand Canyon or Hawaii in a copter (though I’d probably have my eyes shut tight in terror) Belated birthday greetings!

  5. Surrey Cousin

    Hi B. The helicopter trip sounds marvellous and the photos are great. E persuaded me to take a trip in the Canaries some years ago – terrifying in prospect but totally exhilerating on the day. E felt very Top Gun as we loomed over escarpments – just as well he was not armed and dangerous!

    • Hi G,
      Thank you so much. Thankfully I didn’t have time to be terrified as I only knew what was happening a half an hour or so before the trip. Your helicopter trip sounds great I bet the Canaries look amazing from the air.

  6. Well done to J, M, and A, the sort of friends one needs.

  7. What a terrific way to celebrate your birthday!


    Oh my, I was offline way too long in Nov/Dec.
    *Inserts image of blown out b-day cake candle*
    *Writes “I blew it”*
    *walks away silently*

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