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In the Garden


Lately I have neglected the blog in favour of doing some gardening. Now, my garden is an atom of a thing as it is truly pocket-handkerchief size, so it’s hard, in retrospect, to credit that doing very little to such a tiny space took up a vast amount of time. Admittedly a lot of that was thinking time: pondering what plants to buy, wondering were in the tiny space to put them, and trying to figure out by reading plant information labels at garden centres which were the best buys in terms of colour and longest flowering times.

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♥ Built for Love

Kylemore Castle (now know as Kylemore Abbey) in Connemara owes its existence to Mitchell Henry scion of a wealthy Mancunian family. Mitchell fell in love with Connemara when he and his wife Margaret honeymooned there in 1849.  When he inherited the family fortune he returned to the West of Ireland and purchased, as a romantic gift for Margaret, 15,000 acres in an idyllic situation beside two lakes and overlooked by a multitude of magnificent mountains.  There he built a gothic fairy tale like castle made of granite and limestone; the castle was completed in 1867.

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