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Paris: Merci

merci paris

Towards the end of February I went on a short trip to Paris. A very short trip. Just, in fact, for the day. It’s perfectly doable from Dublin as the flight time is just over one hour thirty; plus there is an early flight which leaves Dublin at around seven am and one that takes off from Charles De Gaulle airport after nine pm, so even taking into account the loss of an hour, this allows for a goodly amount of time in Paris without it costing an unruly amount of cash (ie: the cost of an overnight stay).

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♥ Favourite shops//Agnès B

I cannot recall seeing an ad for Agnès B or an editorial features which used her clothes in any of the fashion glossies.  I imagine these two things are not unrelated, as editorial coverage can depend  on the amount a brand  spends on advertising in a given magazine.  Despite this Agnès B is hugely successful, with a loyal band followers, moi included.

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