♥ Who is the artist?

On a crisp day late this January, I was walking down the Avenue Montaigne in Paris.  I stopped to admire the Chanel windows, which showcased the Spring 2011 collection. My eye was drawn  to  the colourful backdrops.  They were a perfect counterpoint  to the ethereally pretty pastel-shaded clothes in the windows.  I took some photographs.  It was only when I uploaded these  that I noticed the signature in  the bottom right hand corner. The artist is none other than the talented polymath Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld  head honcho at The House of Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld; designer, artist, photographer and intellectual, is now moonlighting selling VW Golf cars.  As I drive a black Golf, I am very pleased that Monsieur Karl has dubbed it, très elegant.  Well er no, since you enquire, not exactly my car in particular more Golfs in general.  Take a look at the ad below.

What do you drive and is it très elegant?

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