♥ Scarforial Art

Christine Legarde (previously the French finance minister and now the new head of the IMF) was ranked forty-third on the Forbes 2010 list of ‘The World’s most Powerful Women’.  Despite her high-powered international career, it was interesting to see that in a recent FT article (admittedly not specifically about her, or her new job) one of the first things that the journalist honed in on, when describing Christine Lagarde giving a speech, was that ‘she was wearing a scarf tied in a perfect geometric circle’.

Every time I wander around Paris, I see French women wearing perfectly knotted scarves, often in an ultra casual way, which lends an ultra chic air to their outfits and makes me feel ultra inadequate in matters scarforial.  So good are the French scarf arrangers that I am sure there is a secret department buried deep within the Sorbonne, which awards degrees in the art.  Undoubtedly Christine Legarde has both a first and a masters in Scarforial Art.

Some shoppers are devoted to buying shoes, others seek out the latest it bag; I go in search of scarves and have amassed a drawer full of them over the years.  In an effort to improve my scarf arranging abilities, I was rummaging around the net and came across Mai Tai’s blog see here.  She looks extraordinary well-groomed and appears to have the largest selection of Hermès scarves in captivity in the Western world.  She has great scarf tips and they translate well to less exotic squares than Hermès.  I also found a series of videos on u-tube put up by Liberty, my favourite London shop; here’s one of those videos.

Bye for now I am off to practice my knotting.


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2 responses to “♥ Scarforial Art

  1. Thanks, B. What clever ways to tie scarves! Will try some soon. Eileen

  2. Thanks for your comment Eileen Bx

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