Drogheda: Brown Hound Bakery

drogheda's brown hound bakery

Recently my part-time job has taken me up to and back down from a spot just outside Drogheda more times than a lift in a high-rise office block yo-yo’s between floors on a busy day. By the by, in case you don’t know, Drogheda is a port town situated roughly fifty-five kilometres north of Dublin.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

I had heard lots of good things about the Brown Hound Bakery, a bakery cum café, that’s located a short hop from the town in the Bryanstown Shopping Centre. So given that I was semi-regularly close by it was a place I was bound to visit.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

And I did a few weeks ago. As I turned off the main road and approached the distinctly lacking in dazzle Bryanstown Centre I did wonder could this really be the place where I would find a fabled bakery and café. Moreover tethered as I am to the notion of drinking good coffee in pleasant surroundings I doubted that would that be an option here.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

Oh me of little faith! Once through the door I was in an alternative and delightfully different universe. The Brown Hound Bakery is cool, quirky, and eclectic. The decor is a mix of: white tiles; lots of panelling mainly painted an inky blue; concrete flooring; and frameless glass. Added to that mix are: dark wooden vintage table and chairs; a cool contemporary chandelier made from glass bottles; and two seriously gorgeous green leather armchairs. There are multiple representations of hounds – pictures and statues: the Brown Hound is named after the owners’ (Jeni Glasgow and Keuven Diaz) rescue dog, Izy.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

All in all the Brown Hound is an aesthetically pleasing layered space with lots to catch the eye including some careful put together charming display vignettes.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

On my visit I sampled a berry scone and a latte. The berries in question were red currants and as I bit into the scone my taste buds experienced just the right balance between sugar and sharpness. My coffee wasn’t sublime but it was good.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

I bought some things to take-away: a brown loaf which was truly good; a cake which was delicious; and a bottle of extra virgin olive which I have yet to try.

drogheda's brown hound bakery

The Brown hound seems to major on cakes (which were difficult to photograph through their glass surround) and baked goodies although I did spy some sandwiches on sale. It’s a spot I would be happy to return to again and again: if I lived nearby I suspect I would haunt the place. I imagine it’s a go-to spot for locals and for anyone, living within a reasonable driving distance, searching for  a made to order cake for a special occasion.


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18 responses to “Drogheda: Brown Hound Bakery

  1. Mmmmmm love a good bakery/cafe and extra points for being so cute and eclectic. Sounds delicious and I think if I lived there I would be a regular.

  2. *sighing* massively in gluten free sugar you-must-be-kidding alt. milk universe of L.A 😉

  3. What a fabulous little place for you to find B! Those cupcakes with the pomegranate seeds on top look just divine!

  4. Those look like delicious treats – I think you’ll be going there again… Great pictures!

  5. I wish I had a bakery like this around the corner. I would be there every day! I guess one of the owners must be a huge dog lover! 😋

    • Me too! If I lived nearby. There are all sorts of representation of dogs in the bakery so, yes, I guess the owners must be huge dog lovers. I hope you have a good week and thanks Francesca for your comment. 😉

  6. The name made me smile before I even got there, and what a delightful looking place. I love that first sculpture of ‘Izy’. Berry scones are amongst my favourites. Drogheda just moved up the list. 🙂 Happy travels!

  7. Sounds delicious! Confess I haven’t regularly kept up with your blog — don’t get notices in my email anymore. (As you’ve noticed, have been much involved with my own “perils and pearls.”)
    When and if Angel and I travel to Ireland (June trip may be postponed) hope we can meet for a treat at one of the lovely places you write about. Haven’t the past five years flown by?

    • Dear Eileen,

      I am so, so sorry for the late reply to your comment. It would have been lovely to meet you again and I am sad to see from your second comment that you are not now travelling Ireland in June. It would have been lovely to see you again. And yes the years fly by at such fast pace. I am sleepy now as I awake early so I plan to catch up your blog tomorrow.

      Take care
      B xx

  8. This looks like a warm and inviting place where I know I would enjoy a cup of tea and a little bite of something.

  9. P.S. Your privacy and anonymity is safe, B! I won’t be coming to Ireland in June after all. Will always be grateful we met there in 2011 — you gave me the idea to begin “The Perils of Eileen.” But whatever happened to your musings on life and love, as you mentioned in the introduction to your blog? To each his/her own, Somehow, I believe I’ve chosen the better path. Slainte.

    • Dear Eileen,

      It’s a shame you are not coming to Ireland – I hope you will make the trip another time.

      I pleased that I played a small part in inspiring “The Perils of Eileen”.

      Yes you are right I did/do bill the blog as musings on life and love, and it’s, in fact, about other things. Altho occasionally there is something about life.

      I am glad you choose the blogging path you did, and that you enjoy it.

      Slainte and every good wish.
      B xx

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