Lately …


I could claim that the recent lack of a blog post was due to the pressure of a maddeningly long to-do list but that would be economical with the truth because the reality is said lack is down to my unfailing talent (not) for caving into distractions.

When it comes to distractions one inevitably begets another. It all started when I read Nora Ephron’s ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’ and that reminded me that I had never actually seen the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ for which she wrote the screen play. I signed up, for Netflix, about a year ago but the only time I recall that I did is when I look at my monthly bank statement, and see the direct debit for the subscription, and think Gawd I must cancel as I never use it, and then promptly forget to do so. Anyhow, I am glad I didn’t cancel because ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is available on Netflix so I watched and enjoyed it.

Watching one film wouldn’t have been an Everest-like distraction but on the way in and out of Netflix I spotted ‘The House of Cards’ TV series, so, I started to watch it. That in and of itself wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, except that I binged watched,like a mad monkey gorging on peanuts. I looked at back to back episodes for hours at a time with the result that the week ghosted by and very little got done.

Now, back to the original distraction: Nora Ephron’s ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck.’ There is a section in the book titled simply ‘What I Wish I’d Known’ – here’s a few samples of what she says:

‘People have only one way to be.’

‘Keep a journal.’

‘There are no secrets’

‘If only one-third of your clothes are mistakes, you’re ahead of the game.’

‘The plane won’t crash.’

Among the things I wish I’d know, or at least know earlier, and it’s not on Nora Ephron’s list, is that if you paint something you don’t like white or grey it inevitably looks better. I put this to the test this week when I painted my garden fence (well, most of it as I still have to finish it off) grey. It’s about the only productive thing I did this week and, yes, I think it looks loads better.


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21 responses to “Lately …

  1. I just loved Nora Ephron, you know she was an avid cook and actually submitted a bunch of recipes on food52 under another name. I thought When Harry Met Sally was hilarious, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan at their best, So funny! I have been thinking of a netflix account but then I forget, Love the grey fence, It looks great.

  2. Don’t be too strict on yourself! There is nothing wrong about spending time watching a TV show obsessively and really enjoying it. It’s good for your mind and your heart. It happens to me all the time. Lately, I’m totally glue to Mr. Selfridge. I can’t get enough! You’ll be more productive when the time is right! 😉
    PS: Stefano and I loooove House of Cards. Such a brilliant show! 🙂

    • Thanks Francesca, that’s pretty sound advice. 😉 The House of Cards is soooo good. I remember the BBC version which was aired many years ago and I enjoyed that too. It’s interesting how the tale of grasping ambition and corruption is so universal. I haven’t seen Mr Selfridge. Yet!

      Have a lovely weekend. Bxx

  3. I didn’t know that about white or grey. Your fence does look good. But I do know that silver jewellery and pearls look good on older women, so perhaps that’s the grey/white principle at work again. And Nath at Beautycalypse has the most gorgeous grey nailpolish. It would make my wrinkly hands look good!

  4. I will have to look up this book. Thank you for the recommendation. Emma.

  5. What is life without a few distractions! It’s always fun to binge watch a television show that you enjoy 🙂 My most recent guilty pleasure was catching up on many episodes of Scandal. I’ve not heard of Nora Ephron but I like her advice… everyone should keep a journal, even if you only touch it every couple months!

    • Quite, life would be dull without a few distractions. I think keeping a journal is such a good idea, I have one, and, yes,I might only write in it every few months but I am so glad when I do. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget something you thought you would remember for ever. Happy Weekend! 😉

  6. Trish

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blogs and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one easily distracted 🙂

  7. So many rabbit trails, so little time. I know exactly what you mean. 🙂

  8. I totally enjoy your blog! The life without any distractions is not a life 🙂

  9. So many interesting things out there, aren’t there? I could go off at a gallup in so many directions! Mostly just chasing my tail 🙂

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