I am often amazed at the bits of semi-useless information that lodge fast in my mind. For example, I came across frühjahrsmüdigkeit at a set of French classes I attend donkeys’ years ago, now in all honesty I didn’t actually remember the word, as I had to google it, but I did remember, quite well, the concept behind the word. If only the rules governing the use of the subjunctive in French were similarly super glued into my long-term memory!

The German word popped up on the horizon at the aforementioned French class when myself and the other attendees watched a video in which the presenter, who naturellement was speaking French, described a malaise that Germans suffer from in spring time (yes, when the winter is over!) called frühjahrsmüdigkeit, the symptoms of which are lethargy, irritability, low energy … The english translation of frühjahrsmüdigkeit is apparently spring tiredness, I don’t think it’s a properly recognized medical condition and I haven’t an iota of a breeze how it’s best dealt with or indeed if any other nationalities suffer from it.

I was sorely tempted to blame the recent lack of a blog post on a mild dose of frühjahrsmüdigkeit as it sounded better and more mysterious than the truth which is: I have felt a bit blah lately so I am fessing up that I simply haven’t got around to writing up the post I had in mind for the blog this week, but I will do it soon -ish.

I hope you had a good week.


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28 responses to “Frühjahrsmüdigkeit

  1. And LOOK at that blossom!! no special words needed there!.. c

  2. Those Germans–that have an exact name for everything.

    I hope your Frühjahrsmüdigkeit will be a short and mild case.

  3. Oh that beautiful blossom makes me happy, one day soon it will happen here. As for that word, well I don’t think I could even pronounce it, why would anyone feel anything exhilarated when Spring has sprung. Well, maybe because there was too much laying around under blankets to stay warm all winter.

    • The blossom is happy making as are the daffodils which are flowering here at the moment.

      I cannot pronounce the word either let alone spell it – I copied and pasted it into the post as I am sure it would have taken me an age to insert the dotty thingys over the u’s.

      The weather is much milder in Dublin at the moment – spring has definitely sprung. I hope the blossom blooms soon in NY. 😉

  4. That is a most excellent word. It makes me think of all the tension headaches and allergies I get when spring arrives. Rest well and take care.

  5. Fabulous new word to add to my vocabulary. Now I just need to know how to pronounce it! I am definitely struggling with a bit of spring tiredness myself 😉

  6. When we travel in Germany, there are many words that I don’t attempt to speak…this would be one of them. I’m happy that you shared the beautiful blossoms of spring as it is snowing here today and will off and on for the next three days.

    • Ooops, and sorry for the late reply. I don’t speak a word of Germany so I couldn’t attempt to pronounce the word.

      I hope the snow has stopped and that it’s now more spring like where you are.

  7. The blossom is beautiful. I’m really enjoying the Spring weather we’re having at the moment – and dog sitting for a couple of weeks so really enjoying some nice walks too 🙂

  8. sometimes Blah is a necessary dip in order to re-charge and languish a little.

    at least that’s what we feel over here.

    having experienced blah from time to time 😉


    _tg xx

  9. Surreycousin

    Now just work out how to insert the word into a work meeting – with a straight face. A whole new take on management speak bingo! Blah normal for early spring – but when the sun starts shining ….. (-)

  10. We have the same concept in Italy but I think I’ll have to wait a little longer. It’s still freezing here. 😦

  11. Well, now I love that word! Thank you for introducing it to me.. frühjahrsmüdigkeit describes exactly what my son, daughter and I have been feeling of late.. just sleepy, sleepy, sleepy and tired too;) I now have a new word thanks to you! So there, you did accomplish something!xx

  12. I hope there’s great good cheer ahead!!! The universe should have no Schadenfreude at your expense. 😉

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