Dieting and Detoxing (sort of)

Dieting apparently makes you fat and yes I mostly agree that it does. But, I also think the only sure-fire way to lose weight is to eat less. And lose some weight I must. It’s not that I am an uber-tubby heffalump, just that some of my winter clothes don’t fit me anymore – exhibit A is a much-loved black jacket that maddeningly I am no longer able to button up. I know that a horrid malign fairy hasn’t cast a malicious spell which caused my clothes to shrink. Rather I have eaten too much or I should say too much of the wrong sorts of food – exhibits B to Z are various slices of cake mostly of the coffee kind. So what I need to do is to change my eating habits to healthier ones and hopefully in the process lose a little weight.

I decided for the month of November to combine a sort-of-a-diet with a sort-of-a- detox. I wasn’t following any particular plan as my sort-of-a-diet/sort-of-a-detox is based on a rag-bag of ideas from different sources.The principle one is that I would detox progressively, dropping each week one thing from my eating and drinking repertoire. What this means in practise is that in week one I gave up alcohol – so no alcohol for the whole month; in week two I cut out red meat – so no red meat for three weeks. Doing without alcohol and red meat is easy-peasy although I have to fess up that on two social occasions I did have a glass of wine (just one at each).

It was about to get harder, I was going to give up coffee on week three and wheat and dairy for the final week. However I thought I might crack on such a restrictive regime and cave into temptation so I decided instead at the start of week three (yesterday) to cut my coffee consumption to one cup per day and for the final week I will cut out coffee, or any form of caffeine, altogether. Argh no coffee for a whole week!

shot of wheatgrass

I have added lots more fruit and vegetables to my daily diet. I have also started drinking shots of wheatgrass juice; I don’t have the right sort of juicer for wheatgrass so that means that I only drink it on days when I pass a café/shop where they juice it. It’s supposed to be drunk as soon as it’s juiced and it’s a bit of an acquired taste but if it has even a tiny of fraction of the myriad benefits claimed for it (powerful detoxing agent, builds red blood cells, boost immune system, aids digestion …) it will be worth it.

I don’t own a weighing scales so I am using a pair of trousers that once upon a time fitted perfectly but which are now obscenely snug as a test garment; after two weeks I feel they might be a tad looser. But only just. Still I have a few weeks to go before the end of the month so here’s hoping I will be able to wear them in December.

Happy weekend.


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11 responses to “Dieting and Detoxing (sort of)

  1. I hope your regimen works but I think it may be too restrictive to live with for any length of time. I find it is easier to just cut portion sizes down, and skip sweets. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Thanks Karen I hope it works too as there are quite a few things in my wardrobe that I cannot wear at the moment. It is a restrictive regime but as I don’t eat a lot of red meat or drink much alcohol normally that bit was easy. It’s doing without coffee for a week that will be hard! I think your idea of cutting down portion size is very good and if I need to lose a bit more weigh when I reach the end of the month that’s what I will do.

  2. The minute I think of dieting I become extremely hungry.

  3. Let us know how it goes. It sounds like it’s working!

  4. Good for you!:) my page may have some handy hints for you too. Good luck!

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