Snapshots of my Weekend

coffee at urbun

I had set aside this weekend for a clean up of my place which looks like some mythical beast had ground down a ton of Saharan sand and huffed and puffed until it covered every surface. No, not sloth on my part – I had some minor work done, very minor, which has generated an inordinate amount of dust. However Friday came and went and the work wasn’t completed; Monday is now the new finishing date. It seemed pointless to do a massive round of cleaning only to have to do it all again forty-eight hours later, so this weekend was instead dedicated to doing as little as possible.

Urbun cafe

There was a Saturday visit to Urbun a favourite cafe for morning coffee (topped with charming latte art) and a scone with lashings of cream and jam. Afterwards as Cabinteely Park is almost next door to Urbun it was time for some exercise via a leisurely stroll around the park.

Cabinteely Park

Then there was a quick trip to town to collect my new glasses. Normally I avoid bringing the car into the city centre because of the king’s ransom required to park on the city’s streets but as I was en route somewhere it made sense to drive. I parked up and paid for ninety minutes parking.

create at brown thomas collage

I squeezed a lot into that hour and a half: I collected my glasses, found a present, had a quick trawl through Brown Thomas (a Dublin department store) stopping in particular to admire the works of some talented young designers in the Create exhibition and I had time to have a unhurried look around the National Gallery’s shop on the way back to the car.

killiney beach

On Sunday there was a refreshing lunchtime stroll on an almost deserted mist-smudged Killiney beach – I did admire the couple who were brave enough to swim in the chilly Irish sea.

There was a look at a new garden centre in Monkstown in South Dublin, at least I think it’s new as I hadn’t spotted it before, called Howbert & Mays . I was rather taken by it and will return sometime soon.

coffee cake

And there was a slice of cake of the coffee kind when I got home.

So this weekend it was very much a case of eat, shop, walk, and be merry for tomorrow I dust and diet!


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10 responses to “Snapshots of my Weekend

  1. Love th elast line !! It sounds like a truly wonderful weekend, and the photos you chose just made it all the more tempting (apart from the couple mad enough to go swimming !)

  2. It’s nice to have a fun day, especially when you know there’s cleaning to do later! You used your time well… 🙂

  3. Enjoyed your photo mosaics. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  4. Great piece of writing matched with great pictures. You had me drooling at the “a scone with lashings of cream and jam.”

  5. Deborah - d.mooncrab

    You had such a wonderful weekend!

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