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Cabinteely House and Cabinteely Park

cabinetry park

As Urbun, a café in the South Dublin suburb of Cabinteely, is on my caffeine trail and as Cabinteely Park is next to Urbun I often meander around the park post my latte fix. I normally stick to the lower reaches of the 80 odd acre park as there is plenty to see there such as: the small pretty lake with ducks and swans gliding across it; paths along which centuries old trees stand sentinel; and in the summer the apple orchard, close to the lower gates, is gloriously underplanted with a dense carpet of colourful meadow flowers.

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Snapshots of my Weekend

coffee at urbun

I had set aside this weekend for a clean up of my place which looks like some mythical beast had ground down a ton of Saharan sand and huffed and puffed until it covered every surface. No, not sloth on my part – I had some minor work done, very minor, which has generated an inordinate amount of dust. However Friday came and went and the work wasn’t completed; Monday is now the new finishing date. It seemed pointless to do a massive round of cleaning only to have to do it all again forty-eight hours later, so this weekend was instead dedicated to doing as little as possible.

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