An Instagrammed July

I wonder what twenty-second century social historians will make of us when they trawl through the zillions of words and images posted on a mass of nascent social media sites these past few years. Will they beleive it gives them an accurate picture of our lives in the opening decades of this century?

I know that Just Add Attitude the blog and my Tumblr see here and Instagram feed see here are just reflections of some of the things I do and not the total sum my life. I won’t be around a hundred years from now to look back at the slices of my life that I have posted but I do like seeing them again from a shorter time distance.

So, as I was putting together, from my Instagram feed, the July photo collage you see above, I enjoyed remembering things I might otherwise have forgotten such as: a lunch in Dublin’s much-loved Winding Stair restaurant, resisting the temptation to have a chocolate brownie with my coffee at an Avoca café, buying bunches of freshly cut lavender, stopping to stare at a red door attached to a particularly charming house, admiring the basement window of a Dublin townhouse …

One of the things that I do recall about this July without any need of photographic evidence is the incessant rainfall. So, welcome August and I so hope it’s the month when the Irish weather finally recalls that it’s actually summertime.


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8 responses to “An Instagrammed July

  1. There are going to be so many photos of everything, who will have time to look at them? I have thousands of photos of my travels…..even I probably won’t look at them in years to come.

    • Oh I don’t know – I think all those zillions of photos and words on the net may have a use in years to come. Maybe some future researcher trying to find out what Bagni di Lucca was like in the early twenty-first century will find your blog and its lovely images a very rich resource.

  2. SurreyCousin

    Move into 1 August and my abiding picture will be Horseguards Parade dressed for the Olympics and an international Mexican wave (or 23). And, yes, there was some rain!

  3. It’s mind boggling to think of all those words and images there for eternity, let alone what will be made of them! And yest as you say there are still gaps, it’s not the complete sum si it? A gentle piece of reflection there, and now I’m off to explore your Instagram thingy 🙂

    • The Instagram thingy is great fun but highly addictive. I am forever looking for something interesting to snap with my iphone. I have at times wondered if it’s a bit of a time-waster but I am coming around to the point of view that it has actually made me much more observant of my surroundings which I think is a good thing. Maybe you will give it a try. Thanks for your comment. 😉

  4. I do think we’ll be remembered as the most over-recorded and photographed generation. My computer almost seized up because I had too many photos on it. I hope you’ve had better weather this month!!

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