♥ Swan Song for Summer

Summer is drawing to a close; leaf-shedding autumn looms.  In truth the Irish weather is such that the transition between seasons is barely perceptible.  I sometimes rail against the lack of sun and a surfeit of rain in these parts but in the wake of hurricane Irene I realize how lucky we are to have a climate not visited by meteorological extremes.  Still it would have been nice to have the occasional opportunity to wear some summery clothes.

Signs that what Keats called the season of ‘mist and mellow fruitlessness’ is almost here are many, it’s cooler, the shroud of darkness falls earlier each evening and leaves begin to tumble when the wind whips up.   As we glide gently into autumn there are many things I will miss about summery days:  eating outdoors in garden cafés, freshly picked local berries, darkly beautiful sunsets, riots of colour in gardens, looking at boats bobbing in the tranquil bay…

Before I started to write this I realized I haven’t had a proper summer holiday this year, so on an impulse I booked a short break.  I am heading west in a few weeks, not unfortunately to America just a few days in a rugged part of Ireland that I have never visited before. Who knows we may have an Indian summer and I might get to wear  a summer frock when I get there.


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10 responses to “♥ Swan Song for Summer

  1. Beautiful thoughts and pictures, B. We had a rainy summer here in the U.S., but my particular spot on Long Island weathered Irene pretty well. Honey and I are moving to Bel Air, Maryland in about a week, nearer my son and daughter-in-law. Milder there, but still has four seasons. If you ever do visit America, let me know. Eileen G.

  2. H

    Dear Just Add Attitude
    I love the photos and share the sentiments about our climate – in the end we are very lucky with it. However the words “summer frock” has brought back a memory. In a bid to escape a wet spring some years ago, we travelled to Madeira in the month of April. Our destination was a tropical island so I had packed clothes accordingly. It snowed – I jest not. While a complete rarity for the residents of the Island, there I was in my Laura Ashley frock up to my ankles in snow!

  3. Eileen it is very nice to hear from you. I am glad your spot on Long Island was not too badly affected by Irene. I wish you and Honey so well in your new home in Maryland. Take Care. B

  4. Spring has arrived here in Brisbane. It is already quite warm, soon it will be hot. We are subtropical and our seasons are hot and not so hot. One of the things I love about my life in Italy is the different seasons. It is pretty much green all year in Brisbane, which is nice, but I love to see spring flowers appear and the trees turn green before my eyes. I will be back soon for autumn when those trees turn gold. It always makes me think of John Keats’ poem as well, especially when the gorgeous mists roll through our mountains.

  5. Esther

    Enjoy your break away. Hope the sun shines for you.

  6. Debra, I think Spring is a lovely time of year and Autumn too. I love your description of the leaves turning gold and the the mists rolling through your mountains. Safe journey to Italy and enjoy your time there.

  7. Just popping in, I’m just across the water from you and my in laws are just up north from you! London is one of my favourite cities in the world, it’s just so exciting, I just wish it didn’t cost so much to travel down.

  8. Thanks for popping in Tabitha, and for your many thoughtful comments. I enjoy following your adventures; sartorial, culinary, cultural …on your blog. You write so well.

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